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Svishtov treasure in Vienna

Sonya Machorska

     The exhibition of Bulgarian golden treasure from the town of Svishtov will be exhibited until June 25 this year in the Museum of Art History (German: Kunsthistorisches Museum) in the Austrian capital, informed the press office of the Municipality of Svishtov. The exhibition is part of a research project of Bulgarian and Austrian Academy of Sciences. Svishtov treasure is one of the chosen few Bulgarian artifacts to participate in this exhibition dedicated to metals and resources in the Bronze Age in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula.

   Svishtov treasure is dated in the mid-II millennium. BC. BC. and consists of thirteen gold ornaments and six bronze objects, all placed in a clay pot buried in the ground. Open in 2011, was donated by treasure discoverer R. Todorov of City History Museum - Svishtov.

    On September 1 The Svishtov treasure will be exhibited in the Historical Museum in Bergen, the old capital of Norway, along with treasures from twelve museums of Bulgaria on "Legends in gold. Thracian Treasures from Bulgaria."

   The Kunsthistorisches Museum is an art museum in Vienna, Austria. Housed in its festive palatial building on Ringstraße, it is crowned with an octagonal dome. The term Kunsthistorisches Museum applies to both the institution and the main building. It is the largest art museum in the country.It was opened around 1891 at the same time as the Naturhistorisches Museum, by Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria-Hungary. Both buildings were built between 1871 and 1891 according to plans drawn up by Gottfried Semper and Karl Freiherr von Hasenauer.

2 IMG 08455

3  Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien 2010

4 IMG 07999

5 IMG 4592









Еlectric bicycles

Sonya Machorska

   Two-day tour with electric bicycles launched today from Vidin, announced Evtim Stefanov, Executive Director of the Agency for Regional Development and Business Center - Vidin, leading beneficiary of the project in partnership with three associations: Vidin Chamber of Commerce; Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industry Branch Oltenia, Craiova and the Association of employers of small and medium Calafat. The project "Network for electric bicycles" is funded under the INTERREG V-A Romania-Bulgaria.

   In bike tour took 80 seeking from Bulgaria and Romania. The two-day tour aims to promote riding electric bicycles and build a sustainable individual mobility in all the cross-border area of ​​Bulgaria and Romania. The project "E-bike net" intends to encourage the use of this form of transport for recreation or tourism. The electric bicycle can pass a distance of 50 to 70 kilometers, relying on an electric battery.

2 Image00017

3 Image00040

4 Image00033

5 MNS n

6 Image00014











   This custom, considered the Bulgarian, is characteristic of the Balkan Peninsula and has become a Balkan tradition. Martenitsa (Bulgarian: мартеница, pronounced [ˈmartɛnit͡sa], Macedonian: мартинка, Greek: μάρτης, Romanian: mărțișor) is a small piece of adornment, made of white and red yarn and worn from March 1 until around the end of March (or the first time an individual sees a stork, swallow, or budding tree). The name of the holiday is Baba Marta. "Baba" (баба) is the Bulgarian word for "grandmother" and Mart (март) is the Bulgarian word for the month of March. Baba Marta is a Bulgarian tradition related to welcoming the upcoming spring. The month of March, according to Bulgarian folklore, marks the beginning of springtime. Therefore, the first day of March is a traditional holiday associated with sending off winter and welcoming spring.

   On the first day of March and for a few days afterwards, Bulgarians exchange and wear white and red tassels or the Pizho and Penda dolls. In Bulgarian folklore the name Baba Marta (in Bulgarian баба Марта meaning Grandma March) is related to a grumpy old lady whose mood swings very rapidly.

   This is an old pagan tradition that remains almost unchanged today. The common belief is that by wearing the red and white colours of the martenitsa people ask Baba Marta for mercy. They hope that it will make winter pass faster and bring spring. Many people wear more than one martenitsa. They receive them as presents from relatives, close friends and colleagues. Martenitsa is usually worn pinned on the clothes, near the collar, or tied around the wrist. The tradition calls for wearing the martenitsa until the person sees a stork or a blooming tree. The stork is considered a harbinger of spring and as evidence that Baba Marta is in a good mood and is about to retire.

   Wearing one or more martenitsi is a very popular Bulgarian tradition. The martenitsa symbolises new life, conception, fertility, and spring. The time during which it is worn is meant to be a joyful holiday commemorating health and long life. The colours of the martenitsa are interpreted as symbols of purity and life, as well as the need for harmony in Nature and in people's lives.

Some of the specific features of parvomartenskata rituals and especially tying the twisted white and red woolen threads, are the fruit of centuries-old tradition that has been inherent in the Thracian (Paleo-Balkan) times.

   The main objective of the exhibition is to preserve the common cultural heritage, which is the day of Baba Marta, through promotion and dissemination beyond its intrinsic regions and support the initiative to submit a common application for inclusion of martenitsa on the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.

   In 2015, Vidin apply for inclusion in the book "Guinness World Record" with the longest martenitsa - 16,704 m, which was awarded with a certificate.

2 Svishtov

3 DSCN7238







TTR - Romanian Tourism Fair

Sonya Machorska

   37th edition of the International Tourism Fair TTR is held from 16 to 19 February 2017 in Bucharest, Romania.

   Bulgaria is represented by modern large booth, reported the press office of Minirsterstvo of tourism in Bulgaria. It occupies an area of ​​225 sq.m, which present 20 Bulgarian companies and municipalities. Participants include the municipalities of Rousse, Varna, Gabrovo, Kavarna and Elena.

   Romanians are interested primarily from summer vacation in Bulgaria, religious, sports and cultural tourism focusing oldest capitals. Tour operators expect to maintain current levels or increase of Romanian tourists in 2017. They and municipalities focus on joint efforts with Romania for the development of joint tourism products for the Danube Region. Danube is a prerequisite for opening up new opportunities and challenges for tourism and the development of business relations between the two countries.

   Romania is a key market for Bulgarian tourism. In 2016 Bulgaria was visited by 1,096,874 Romanian tourists, which puts them first. This is an increase of 11.2% over the previous year. The Romanian market is also essential for short-term trips to Bulgaria. Tourists come for 3-4 days of skiing, spa and cultural tourism and holidays around Easter, May 1, Christmas and New Year.

   In international tourist exhibition TTR 2017 participating countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Photos: TTR

2 DSC 7803-300x199

3 DSC 7860-300x185

4 DSC 7847-300x205

5 DSC 7934-300x182

6 DSC 7949-300x200

7 DSC 7951-300x212

8 DSC 7968-300x200












New fossils in the Danube at Ruse


Sonya Machorska

   Teeth of a mammoth preserved and part of the lower jaw of a rhinoceros are the latest fossils found around the coast of the Danube at Ruse, announced the Historical Museum in the city. Among the finds is the horn round (large cloven-hoofed mammal disappeared many years ago, inhabited Europe, North Africa, Asia Minor and the Middle East), partially stratum formation of deer, two vertebrae, which is to establish whether they are of a rhinoceros, or mammoth. There are several copies of mussels over 60 million years of the Cretaceous period. For the findings will be made scientific analysis at the National Museum of Natural History - Sofia, said Krasimir Kirov, curator in the Department of "Nature" of the museum. Experts from Romania and Greece will again conduct research into two fragments of fossilized trees, part of the find.


   Ruse Historical Museum has a rich paleontological collection of the founder of the department "Nature" Michael Halvadjiev. He is the specialist who devotes his scientific career in the collection and examination of the remains of fossil mammals. In the period 1950-1965, the construction and due to increased demand for new quarries for sand and gravel, it is possible in many places in Ruse to discover the remains of fossil mammals, some of which have previously unknown in European literature. So far in the region have found the remains of 18 species of fossil mammals. These are species that are found in the sediments of the Pliocene and Pleistocene - sucking mammals of three families that inhabited our land a few million years - mastodons, mammoths, rhinoceroses. Paleontological material collected for 12 years, in parallel with the development of sand quarries. This makes it possible to determine the exact spot from where originates fauna in the Ruse region.


   Ruse museum has one of the most complete collections of fossil-sucking. In Bulgaria are at least 14 known species, and in the funds department "Nature" are stored the remains of nine of them. The most valuable is the lower jaw (mandibula) of Mammuthus rumanus, which is the world's only fully preserved as part of the representative of the earliest mammoths. Two-thirds of the remains of Elephas antiquus (right-biven mastodon) in the country are kept in the funds department "Nature".


In the eco-museum with Aquarium can be seen hairy mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius), reconstruction of the type presented as a model in real size.


2 Rousse

3 mamut

4 mamut

5 mamut

6 mamut

7 mamut









Svishtov treasure in ViennaSvishtov treasure in Vienna

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Exhibition Exhibition "Glorious Bdin division"

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Foundation Real Madrid train coaches in VidinFoundation Real Madrid train coaches in Vidin

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First Bulgarian National Dog ShowFirst Bulgarian National Dog Show

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