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A revolution in journalism is possible


Sonya Machorska

   A conference of the Association of European Journalists - Bulgaria has gathered today leading media innovators from the region, Ivan Radev said. Participants in the International Conference "(R) Evolution in Journalism. Media Innovation in Central and Eastern Europe "united around the idea that a business model of in-depth journalism for the benefit of society is fully possible. A model that depends on each one of us. We all use media and we can contribute to the existence of ones that protect our interests as a society.

   For some time now, the notorious Balkan pessimism seems to have infected the entire world journalistic guild. There is no media conference without a collective complaint and even mumbling about the future of the media. But there is a group of media innovators who do not see the Internet as a threat but as an advantage, said Boryana Djambazova from AEJ-Bulgaria. She added that foreign lecturers at the conference are doing their best to make independent and quality journalism. Not in the United States or even in Western Europe, but in countries such as Serbia, Romania, Poland, Slovakia and Georgia, where fellow journalists are confronted with similar problems that the media have in Bulgaria.

     To confirm her words about the similarity of the problems, Tomáš Bella from Slovakia reported that one morning the newspaper, in which he and his colleagues worked, had become aware of a local oligarch bought by him. The journalists did not want to continue working for this guy and left the editorial office, photographing the empty newsroom and publishing the picture on the front page. They then founded a new newspaper, half of which is the property of journalists, and the rest of it to investors, but they are selected very carefully. Dennik N is supported by donations from readers, and the team has noticed a search for longer shapes and more in-depth materials that lead to more subscriptions.

  Only donations from readers rely on the Bulgarian online media Testo.bg. For its short existence, the media has accumulated 51,000 readers, and it would be enough just 4% of them to donate 5 leva per month to support the site and the authors get enough for their work, said Anne Pham, one of its creators. So far, this has not happened and the funds collected are considerably less, but Totest.bg continues to exist because of the credibility of its creators and the fact that many of the authors give up their fees.

   In addition to donations, media users can also contribute in other ways. Jakub Gornitzki of the Polish Outriders Network said they relied on their readers for refining the products they create. If you are waiting to create the perfect product, you are already late, he said. According to him, the consumer community can seriously contribute to the development of a product.

   Another significant contribution of the community to readers is the protection of journalists when they are subjected to repression for their own investigations. Jelena Vasic from the KRIK portal in Serbia told how the media editing was tapped, and the housing of an investigative journalist shattered as a warning after high-level corruption, and that in such cases of attacks, they rely on mobilization and protection on the part of society. Vasic has reported that one of the first materials that has brought KRIK popularity is an investigation into Belgrade's former mayor and current finance minister, Sinisa Mali, who is proving to have bought 24 apartments on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. This material has caused a great deal of resonance and then journalists have realized that they should follow the needs of the audience.

   Vlad Ursulian said that such repression is no exception in Romania. His colleagues, for example, were threatened with a fine under the GDPR for investigation, revealing how politicians have bought luxury villas with public funds. Ursulian is the representative of the Journalist's House in Bucharest - a space where journalists not only work, but some of them also live. It is created because, due to the contraction of the market, many journalists lose their jobs and remain literally on the street.

   Interesting is the business model of the Plovdiv news site "Pod tepeto". Its creators Ivaylo Dernev and Dimitar Semkov have told how craft beer and its accompanying culture can help an independent media. About half of the cost of media maintenance comes from additional business activities such as a beer bar or a guest house. The remaining 50% is provided by a grant from the America for Bulgaria Foundation.

   Nancy Shiller, president of the Foundation, which also supports AEG-Bulgaria, said that over the course of its existence America for Bulgaria has invested more than $ 31 million in the development of civil society in Bulgaria, of which $ 11 million in media programs .

   For his part, Daniel Kadik, a representative of the German foundation Friedrich Naumann, pointed out that during the six years in which he was in Bulgaria, he noticed a deterioration of the media environment, but he still has positive signs, such events and people, who have gathered in the hall.






X Festival of Bulgarians in the World "I am Bulgarian" ® 2018


Sonya Machorska

   For the tenth consecutive year Bulgarians from all over the world gathered at their festival. This year - in Sofia, Bulgaria. The State Agency for the Bulgarians Abroad and the Association TANGRA (Tonalidad, Arte Natural y Guía para Realizar Actividades) - Madrid organize the anniversary edition whose main goal is to preserve the national consciousness, lifestyle and culture of the Bulgarians in the world and to encourage the study of native language of Bulgarians living abroad. This year's edition features children from Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Ukraine and Italy.

   The history of the festival dates back to 2009 on the initiative of TANGRA Association, with the active participation of 15 NGOs of Bulgarians living on the territory of Spain on the occasion of celebrating the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture and the Slavonic script. The second and third editions are also held in Spain (Madrid and Valencia). The following year, 2012, the forum was first organized outside of Spain - in the city of Wroclaw, Poland. He then hosts Prague, Czech Republic, Budapest, Hungary. In 2015, the event was organized in Rome, Italy, 2016th in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. and last year in Timisoara, Romania.

   The final concert of the participants in the Festival takes place on November 10 and 11, in hall 42 of the National Palace of Culture - Sofia.

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Abbot of the Bachkovo Monastery with a valuable donation to the Archives in Vidin


Sonya Machorska

   Archimandrite Samuel - Abbot of the Bachkovo Monastery "Assumption" donated the first full phototype edition of the Bulgarian Fourth Gospel to Tsar Ivan Alexander from 1356, stored in the British Library, London, to the Archives in Vidin, head Svetlana Krasteva, the chef of the institution . Extremely valuable donation for the library of the State Archive - Vidin! From today, every visitor in the archive can enjoy the publication is part of the series MILLIONS OF THE BULGARIAN CHRISTIAN ART of publishing house METODEI BOOKS, with publishers Rumyana Stoyanova, Dilyana Ruseva and Metodiy Petrikov. Each copy of the medieval Bulgarian manuscript is phototypically printed with a special gold reproduction technology in 1,000 authentic copies. The copy, kindly provided by His High Priest Archimandrite Samuil in the gift of the Vidin archive, is with №610. It is known that on 3 November 2017, the Four Gospels were included in the UNESCO International Monument of the World.

   The Gospels of Tsar Ivan Alexander, Tetraevangelia of Ivan Alexander, or Four Gospels of Ivan Alexander (Bulgarian: Четвероевангелие на (цар) Иван Александър, transliterated as Chetveroevangelie na (tsar) Ivan Aleksandar) is an illuminated manuscript Gospel Book, written and illustrated in 1355–1356 for Tsar Ivan Alexander of the Second Bulgarian Empire. The manuscript is regarded as one of the most important manuscripts of medieval Bulgarian culture, and has been described as "the most celebrated work of art produced in Bulgaria before it fell to the Turks in 1393".

   The manuscript, now in the British Library (Add. MS 39627), contains the text of the Four Gospels illustrated with 366 miniatures and consists of 286 parchment folios, 33 by 24.3 cm in size, later paginated with pencil. The language of the text is variously described as Bulgarian, Middle Bulgarian, Slavonic, and Church Slavonic.

   The book contains the four Gospels and some other texts, so is a true gospel book rather than an evangeliary, but there are markings showing which passages were to be read in the liturgy, as well as a list at the end of the book. The bookbinding of red leather over wooden boards is original, but the elements of a metalwork treasure binding probably decorated with gold, gems and pearls on top of this have disappeared. The nail holes where these were fixed on are evident, but it would not have covered all the binding, even on the front, as the leather is stamped with patterns and a griffin.

   The last gathering, with ff. 276-284, is a later insertion with a smaller page size, containing a menology or liturgical calendar of feast days and the appropriate gospel readings for them, and a synaxaria or calendar listing saint's feast days. There is also a short guide on studying the scriptures.[Before this, at the end of the original book on f. 273v, is a magic square of a grid with 625 squares containing letters, in which the name of the book, as "Io Alexander Tsarya Tetravaggel" is spelled out several times, a unique feature in such a manuscript. The centre square contains the "Iῶ" from which all readings begin.Folio 74, which probably contained a miniature illustrating the Last Judgment, has been cut and stolen in modern times.

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Pilgrimage - a new brand of cross-border tourism


Sonya Machorska

 The project "Cross-border Religious Heritage" presented today in Vidin Diana Turkchezhieva, project leader from the Foundation for Regional Development in partnership with the University of Craiova. Funding is under the INTERREG V-A Romania-Bulgaria Program. The aim is to promote as destinations of religious tourism the districts of Vidin, Montana, Vratsa, Pleven, Tarnovo and Ruse (Bulgaria) and the districts of Olt, Dolj and Mehedinti (Romania), turning pilgrimage into a new brand of cross-border tourism.

   During the Project, the religious sites in the cross-border region will be explored, the possibilities for accommodating and feeding the potential tourist audience, the opportunities for additional tourist animation around the religious sites as well as the sources of the intangible religious heritage in the light of pilgrim tourism, added Jello Kalina of the University in Craiova, Romania. These studies will form the basis of a joint strategy to promote the development of religious tourism and to diversify the religious routes along the two banks of the Danube, according to Andrian Alexandrov of the Theological Faculty of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski".

   An electronic platform for pilgrims, a mobile application for smartphones, will be created, which will display and find the religious routes developed under the Project, as well as a documentary on the promotion of objects and the intangible religious heritage.

   Representatives of the municipal tourism structures and the local tourist business - tour operators, tourists, hoteliers, restaurateurs, carriers will be organized seminars for the presentation of the results of the Project.

   The cost of the Project is 308 218.74 euro, funded by the European Union. The duration is 18 months - from 9 August 2018 to 8 February 2020.

Video: Facebook Sonya Kirirlova Machorska

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Bow let us honour of the Bulgarian National Revivals


Sonya Machorska

   Day of National Leaders is common Bulgarian holiday commemorating the work of Bulgarian educators, writers, revolutionaries and holy Leaders of reviving the national spirit, the pursuit of education and literature.

   Spiritual enlightenment of the Bulgarian people gave impetus to national liberation movement in Bulgarian lands

   First celebration of National Leaders became the festival in Plovdiv in 1909 and since 1922 has been recognized as an official holiday in Bulgaria.

   Among the most revered Bulgarian national leaders are: St. Ivan Rilski, Konstantin Kostenechki Gregory Tsamblak, Yoasaf Bdinski, Vladislav the Grammarian, Dimitar Kantakuzin, Tolstoy, Peter Bogdan, of Plovdiv, Matthew Grammarian, pop Peyo, Neophyte Bozveli Neophyte Rilski, Ivan Seliminski brothers Dimitar and Konstantin Miladinovi, Georgi Sava Rakovski, Vasil Aprilov, Vasil Levski, Hristo Botev, Stefan Karadja, Hadji Dimitar, Karavelov, Good Chintulov, Petko Slaveykov, Nicolas Batsarova, Ivan Vazov, Stoyan Mihajlovski, Grigor Parlichev, Alexander Exarch, Nicolas Bobev, Stefan Antonov, Ivan Bogorov Something Bonchev, Nayden Gerov, Joakim Gruev, Hristo G. Danov and many others.

   Saint John of Rila (Bulgarian: Свети Йоан (Иван) Рилски, sveti Ioan Rilski) (876 – c. 946) was the first Bulgarian hermit. He was revered as a saint while he was still alive. The legend surrounding him tells of wild animals that freely came up to him and birds that landed in his hands. His followers founded many churches in his honor, including the famous Rila Monastery. One of these churches, "St Ivan Rilski" was only discovered in 2008 in the town of Veliko Tarnovo. Today, he is honored as the patron saint of the Bulgarians and as one of the most important saints in the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

Video: Facebook Sonya Kirirlova Machorska

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Russian students again in Belogradchik

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