Choose Your Future - Elections to the European Parliament May 26, 2019


Sonya Machorska

   It is important to choose our future on May 26th. It is important to vote because we MUST take responsibility for our future and that of our children! Because every newborn child has at least one reason to achieve an even better future - www.youtube.com/embed/R3tErFvAgag

The more people vote, the stronger and more legitimate a democracy becomes. The goal is to make Europeans aware of shared values, emotions and responsibilities. To deal with global challenges, Europeans need to stand together and choose their - and their children’s and grand-children’s - future, by casting their vote in the upcoming elections.

   In the words of the young girl narrating the film: “Each of us can leave a mark, but together we can make a real difference. Choose the Europe you want me to grow up in”.

   What is the idea behind the film?

   Bringing a child into the world changes parents' perspectives on life like nothing else. The birth of a child is an emotional moment, which is complemented by a great sense of responsibility for the future well-being of the new life.

   The film documents the deeply emotional beauty of new Europeans coming into this world, right now, right before the elections. It shows the actual birth of children who will inherit the decisions made in May 2019. It shows all the hope and joy that meets them, and it shows that, from the second we come into this world, we’re in it together and need to take care of it, collectively and individually, by voting.

   In other words: “United in diversity”, the motto of the European Union.

   Who had the idea for the film?

   The “Choose Your Future” campaign was the European Parliament’s idea and was used to brief the creative agency & Co. / NoA who developed the concept for the film.The director of the film is Frédéric Planchon.Born in Lyon and living in Paris, Frédéric began his career as a theatre actor, and worked as an assistant director on 15 feature films before making his directorial debut in 1990 with the short film 'L'Echange', which won the Prix de l’Image at the Festival de L’Image du Film. This launched his career as a music video and commercials director.