Dice on the asphalt


Sonya Machorska

   Games in the park paint young people from Vidin. They resurface their colors, bleached from last year. Besides swings, slides, and so on, kids can now play their favorite games outside the home. Velislava Tsankova, a psychologist at the Municipal Council of Drugs in the City, shares about the realized idea ,: "Last year we decided to give something interesting to Vidin children. We decided to paint a few games in the Park of Danube in order to have fun. The idea was implemented by colleagues from the Municipal Council of Narcotics and Volunteers who are also helping at this moment, as well as volunteers from the Youth Council on Drug Prevention. "

   On the asphalt in front of “The Telegraph” are painted: "Lady", "Do not be angry, man!", "Sea chess", "Jump Scale", "Twister" and "Snake". Dice and paws can be requested from the nearby pub's bar.

   The idea for asphalt games in the Park is realized in conjunction with June 26 - International Day for Combating the Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in Drugs.

   Pins and dice on the asphalt - sounds attractive and fun!

Video: Facebook: Sonya Kirilova Machorska

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