The Designer of the Danube Bridge Vidin-Kalafat with Medal


Sonya Machorska

   Ing. Antonio Martínez Cutillas, engineer of „Carlos Fernández Casado , S. L.“ - Barcelona, awarded with the Medal of Professional Merit of the College of Civil Engineers of Spain.

    The College of Civil Engineers, on June 13, presented the annual awards for professional recognition to the members who have stood out in a relevant manner, carried out professional actions of unquestionable merit or rendered outstanding services to the profession.

    The event was headed by the president of the College, Juan A. Santamera, the vice president, José Polimón, the secretary general, José Javier Díez Roncero and the members of the Governing Board: Pablo Bueno, Pilar Jaén, Pino Álvarez, Sara Perales and Arcadio Gil.

Photos: CFCSL

2 premio AK2

3 Kutillas