Bazaar in a 130-year-old park


Sonya Machorska

   Hand-crafted articles were exhibited by local authors in Vidin today. Organizer of the first ever Bazaar in the town are two laughing girls - Bella Antova and Isabella (Benji) Vasileva, who returned to their native place two months ago after graduating from higher education and gaining experience in larger cities.

   For the beauty gathered in one place in the beautiful and centuries-old Vidin Danube Park, Bella tells us: "When we came to Vidin, we decided that this is terribly boring here, and the events that are being done are quite the same. In Sofia and in other big cities we have looked at such kind of bazaars, that is, our idea is not original - we just transferred it to native land. Surprisingly for ourselves, we gathered 32 participants - very interesting people! And it became what you see! All producers are Vidin. "

   The girls are ambitious to organize other similar events, and the Bazaar is made periodically. Along with stacked improvised "stands" with author's works, they direct the attention of participants and visitors to the separate collection of waste and the refusal to use plastic household products.

Video: Facebook: Sonya Kirilova Machorska

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