From Madrid to Vidin


Sonya Machorska

   The 94th edition of the Literary Salon at the Community Center "Tsvyat" in Vidin presented the books of Valya Ilieva and Gustavo Ortega Gonzalez (Peru). Both authors live and work in Spain. Valya Ilieva writes poetry and prose, translates. Her works have been compiled into six books, the last two of which are “Sisters of the River” and “Rainy Song”. Some of her poems and stories were read to the guests of the Literary Salon, the most memorable of which is the story of grandfather Anton, who, “as a child, enjoyed the newly-built Vidin-Calafat Bridge and told the village how his great-granddaughter, who is abroad, would be coming to Bulgaria... "  A tale of "hope found", as the author herself called it, that the children would return because "the bridge is there and there is..."

 Gustavo Ortega Gonzalez presented his book "Pieces from One World" - haiku poetry.

   The Literary Salon is an edition of the Writers' Society and the Chitalishte with directors Diana Sirakova and Nencho Slavchev.

Video: Facebook: Sonya Kirilova Machorska

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