The most elite Romanian school arrives in Vidin


Sonya Machorska

   The first talks about a future partnership between the “Yordan Radichkov” High School in Vidin and the Colegiul National "Fratii Buzesti" in Craiova took place today. The cooperation was discussed between the directors of the two schools - Carmen Stefanescu and Lyubomir Georgiev in the presence of the deputy directors Ileana Didu and Boyanka Nikova.

   Craiova College is the most prestigious Romanian school, according to indicators in our northern neighbor. The school, set up about 140 years ago, has 2,500 children aged 3 to 19. They are cared for by 140 teachers and 40 other staff.

   At the Vidin language school, which enters the highest competitive ball, children from 14 to 19 years of age are trained. The school was founded about 50 years ago.

   The partnership between the two schools will be the subject of educational and extracurricular activities.

Video: Facebook: Sonya Kirilova Machorska

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