Many-faced Mihalaki Georgiev


Sonya Machorska

   An exhibition of this name was opened today at the Regional Library "Mihalaki Georgiev" in Vidin. The exposition is organized by the University Library "St. Kliment Ohridski ”and the Institute of Literature at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. It presents material related to the creative path and biography of the Bulgarian writer - fiction writer, public figure, diplomat, business figure. Desislava Ivanova, Director of the Vidin Library, presented the guests from the University Library: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anna Angelova - Director, Dr. Bilyana Yavrukova - Deputy Director; Dr. Malina Dimitrova and Marieta Georgieva - PR Departments.

   The exhibits show different documents - excerpts from letters of Mihalaki Georgiev, more important dates from his biography, more information about his activity as a botanist, writer, scientist, teacher, financier, diplomat, as well as his participation in the preparation at the Plovdiv Exhibition.

   Mihalaki Georgiev was born on August 11, 1854 in Vidin (beginning February 14, 1916 in Sofia). He is one of the representatives of New Bulgarian literature who formed themselves as creators during the Renaissance but unfolded completely after the Liberation from Turkish slavery. Initially, he published separate materials in the Chitalishte, Pravo, Stupan magazines - mainly on economic topics.

   After the Liberation he worked as a manager of the Vidin customs office, a customs inspector in Bulgaria, an official at the Ministry of Public Buildings, Agriculture and Trade and at the Ministry of Finance, diplomatic representative in Vienna and Belgrade. In 1892 he was the organizer and director of the first Bulgarian Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition in Plovdiv. The initiator and organizer of the first Bulgarian state lottery, his signature is on all 300,000 tickets.

   Since 1890 it has been fully included in our post-liberation fiction with topics in the life of the Bulgarian village. She writes stories, essays and humorous stories. His work, though distinctive and specific, is an integral part of the critical-realistic line in our literature from this period in the person of Ivan Vazov, Todor Vlaykov, Aleko Konstantinov and others.

   Since 1900, he is a writer, publicist and editor of the Balkan Tribune, a regular member of the Bulgarian Cultural Society, on whose basis the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences was founded. He created and edited one of the first agricultural magazines - The Host. Compiled the first Bulgarian textbook on botany for secondary schools. It was printed in Belgrade in 1881.

   Mihalaki Georgiev is the author of the notorious story "Uncle Dencho's Measure", whose title becomes narrative as an expression of eternal measure without coverage - https://chitanka.info/text/20362-merakyt-na-chicho-dencho

   His better known works are: "That's how a person lies. Humoresque "(1899)," Luck is Everything in This World "(1904)," Three Meetings. Memories of the past (1899) - full of humor and sarcasm, "The tax collector came - dramatization" (1905), "Tahir Begovitsa" (1910) and others. Creates an entire gallery of images of ordinary people. The language of his works is colorful, full of dialectisms, Turkisms, proverbs and sayings.

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