Philatelic Exhibition to the new bridge over the Danube, 04.05.2014


   XVII th International Philatelic Exhibition " Balkanfila 2014 " opened today in Vidin under the auspices of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria and personally by the President Mihail Mikov , the Union of Bulgarian Philatelists , " Bulgarian Posts " EAD , Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications , Vidin District Administration , with the support of the Federation of European Philatelic associations .

   Participants in the Balkan philatelic exhibition represent the philatelic federations from 12 countries - Albania, Bulgaria , Bosnia, Greece, Cyprus, Macedonia, Slovenia , Serbia, Romania , Russia, Turkey and Croatia. Each of the participating federations with 15 collections, judged by an international jury.

   In honor of prezidum " Balkanfila 2014 " were Mihail Mihov - President of the Bulgarian Parliament , The Bishop of Vidin Dometian, Spas Panchev - Chairman of the Union of Bulgarian Philatelists,  Bojan Bračič - Secretary general of the Federation of European Philatelic Associations (FEPA), Valentin Petkov , Director of "Bulgarian Posts" EAD, Georgi Todorov - Deputy Minister of MTITC , K. Spasov , Governor of Vidin and others.

   “Philately has become an important factor in spreading and enriching the culture and the frienfship amongst the different countries. BALKANFILA is a model on how to develop and show these values” - said Jose Ramon Moreno, president of the Federation of European Philatelic Associations (FEPA).

   The exhibition includes 250 paintings , divided into five classes of competition - " Post History ", “Traditional philately ", " Maksimafiliya ", " Youth class " and "one board ". This year the competition will participate and young philatelists of the Balkan states that have not had this opportunity.

   " Balkanfila " was held for the first time in Bulgaria in 1965. This year's exhibition was put into circulation a postage stamp series entitled " International cultural anniversaries " and a postcard with an image of Danube Bridge Vidin- Calafat.


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