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Online contest for young entrepreneurs: "I have a business idea!"


Sonya Machorska

   The competition is organized by the Directorate "Central Coordination Unit" in the administration of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria and by all 27 Regional Information Centers for the European Structure and Investment Funds in the country, informed to the Regional Information Center - Vidin. Campaign is part of the EC initiative "Europe in my region".

   The purpose of the online contest is to provoke interest and creativity among adolescents and encourage entrepreneurship. Students from 14 to 18 years of age from all schools on the territory of Vidin may be included. Participants should create a video on the theme "I have a business idea!" With a duration of up to 2 minutes and a maximum size of 25 MB. The business idea must have potential for development as well as additional benefits to society - a contribution to environmental protection, better education, health care.

   Each participant sends his video as a Messenger message to the created account of Facebook of the OIC - Vidin - https://www.facebook.com/events/2275727175799348/.

   Videos with business ideas will be gathered by May 12, 2019. From May 13 to May 23, they will be public and will be eligible for voting. The rating will be by liking the clip. The vote shall end on 23 May 2019 at 10 am. The number of likes of each video is compared and the 10 finalists, including the two winners, are announced. All ten will be rewarded with speakers, and the first two, besides a speaker, will be given the opportunity to visit Sofia Tech Park, where they will participate in a specially organized event with officials and business representatives on June 1, 2019.









Scholarships for talented students


Sonya Machorska

   Three scholarships of ten thousand Bulgarian leva for young Bulgarians who want to study abroad and then return to Bulgaria are going to give away the “Go, Learn and Return” Fund. The scholarships will be awarded for the fourth consecutive year. Five magistrates are back in Bulgaria and work in different spheres after graduating from Cambridge, Harvard, Marburg, Maastricht and Rotterdam.

   The fund is a project of the Here-There Association - the largest non-governmental organization of Bulgarians with experience and education abroad. Their goal is to act as a kind of brain gain. From 2016 until now, from the "Go, learn and return" fund, they have distributed BGN 78,000 and helped 11 young and motivated students to improve their knowledge beyond the border of Bulgaria.

   The Fund's campaign has two stages:

 Until mid-April 2019, funds are raised;

In May 2019, the selection of candidates for scholarships began.

   All funds over the years have been collected by private individuals on a voluntary basis. This year, initiators are waiting for many people to become part of their initiative at the following e-mail address: http://fund.tuk-tam.bg/

2 Aleko

3 Slaveykov







Young builders


Sonya Machorska

   The two-day regional stage of the National Competition "Best Young Builder" takes place in Vidin. There are students from schools specialized in this field from five cities - Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Pleven, Montana and Vidin. The competition is a program of the Ministry of Education and Science and has been held for ten years. The town is home for the second time, said Marusya Petrova, director of the Professional Technical Schoo “Vasil Levski” - Vidin.

   Future builders compete in four majors: cladding and flooring; plastering, plastering and painting activities; dry construction and masonry.

   All building materials used during the competition were provided by leading companies in the field. Their representatives, together with representatives of the Regional Chamber of Construction - Vidin and Regional Education Management - Vidin, jury the results of each participant in the competition for implementation of four tasks and relevant indicators.

  In the regional competition "Best young builder" participate: Professional High School of Civil Engineering and Architecture "Angel Popov" - Veliko Tarnovo, Professional High School of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy "Prof. arch. Stefan Stefanov "- Montana, Professional High School of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy "Nikola Filchev" - Pleven, Secondary School "Otets Paisiy" - Gabrovo and Professional Technical School " Vasil Levski " – Vidin.

   The National Competition for Professional Area "Construction" - "Best Young Builder" will be held from 22 to 24 April in Veliko Tarnovo.

Video: Facebook – Sonya Kirirlova Machorska

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Sandstorm and Bulgarian rhythms in Dubai

Sonya Machorska


   The continuing and nowadays sandstorm in Dubai has not frightened the dancers from Club "Zdravetz" for the consecutive performance of Bulgarian folklore in the UAE. This time - at "International Day", which every year celebrates the schools in the United Arab Emirates. Tolerance, understanding and respect for different cultures is part of the values ​​on which modern United Arab Emirates are built. These topics are also strongly addressed in the educational system of both types of schools - private schools where children from all nationalities living in the UAE, including the local population (sometimes reaching 80-90 nationalities in one school). The other type of schools are national schools where only local students are taught.

   At this year's celebration Club "Zdravets" took part in the official program of the national school "GEMS National School Al Barsha", together with local artists, musicians and dancers from Mexico, different countries from Africa, China, Lebanon, Jordan, India, Saudi Arabia, Syria , UAE, etc. Students additionally prepared attractive stands representing peoples and cultures from all over the world - Hawaii, Jamaica, France, Korea, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Egypt, Palestine, Brazil, Kenya and others.

  Club Zdravets was created in Dubai five years ago. Although far from home, they never forget it. An example of this is the celebrations of the National Holiday March 3, Baba Marta with an exhibition and martenitsa workshop, the already established tradition "Bulgaria in the hearts".
















"Blue Room" keeps children


Sonya Machorska

   Two-day seminar for journalists on "Children and the media. Ethical Coverage of Children" took place in Monatà with speakers Maria Milkova, journalist and Ognyan Penev, operator. The event was organized with the support of Borislav Georgiev from the Association of European Journalists and Ivaylo Spasov from UN Children's Fund (Unicef). There were journalists from Northwestern Bulgaria and social workers from Montana.

   The main purpose of the training was focused on the ability and role of the media to change the world for the better, starting with children and creating skills to reflect the smallest members of our society responsibly and with respect for their dignity.

   In addition to reviewing and commenting on good and fair coverage of child abuse and children at risk, common and mutually supportive themes were shared between journalists and social workers that would benefit and protect children and victims of violence.

   It was extremely interesting and useful to visit the Zakrila Zone in Montana. Ilina Gechovska, head of the Zone, said that last year only 160 children and women benefited from this social service. Petko Petkov, a doctor of sociology, added that it is necessary to work more actively with the abusers, not just their victims, in order to improve the results. He selectively explains and demonstrates how to question children (in criminal cases) in a gentle way in the so-called "blue room" that is in the Zakrila area. On one side are the child, the victim of violence, with whom a psychologist speaks. Behind the glass and invisible to the child, there is a prosecutor, a lawyer, and sometimes the abuser. The interrogation is recorded with the appropriate technique and can be repeatedly used by the different services, without the injured child having to experience the nightmare again and again.

   An extremely useful seminar, who presented several years of work to both lecturers. Maria Milkova is the author of some of the strongest and most memorable social reports and documentaries on the air of Bulgarian television. Among its priority topics are those related to children and adolescents, education, family problems of children with disabilities, foster care and adoptions abroad, refugee children, children in institutions.

   In 2016, she is among the 10 journalists from the Balkans elected to participate in the scholarship of the international organization Balkan Investigative Journalism Network (BIRN). The theme is the deinstitutionalization of children with disabilities in Bulgaria and the Netherlands.

   Ognyan Penev has extensive experience in filming TV shows and documentary TV films on children's themes. From 2016, he worked for the Swiss National Television SRF and the German ZDF. He has screened a project of "Balkan Network for Investigative Journalism" on "Deinstitutionalisation of Children with Disabilities".

Video: Facebook – Sonya Kirilova Machorska

2 DSCN8291

3 DSCN8308

4 DSCN8304

5 DSCN8311







Dimitar Vetsin with Dimitar Vetsin with "Idyll in White"

21.11.2019 Sonya Machorska    The famous Bulgarian artist Dimitar Vetsin opened a sepa [ ... ]

Bulgaria and Morocco - two beautiful rosesBulgaria and Morocco - two beautiful roses

Bulgaria and Morocco - two beautiful roses 20.11.2019 Sonya Machorska The event "Bulgaria and M [ ... ]

Innovative construction of the port of VidinInnovative construction of the port of Vidin

Innovative construction of the port of Vidin 18.11.2019 Sonya Machorska    Today [ ... ]

Wine, songs and dancingWine, songs and dancing

Wine, songs and dancing 16.11.2019 Sonya Machorska    The rich harvest of 630 to [ ... ]

Modernism to the ClassicModernism to the Classic

Modernism to the Classic 10.29.2019 Sonya Machorska    Exhibition of painting an [ ... ]

Many-faced Mihalaki GeorgievMany-faced Mihalaki Georgiev

Many-faced Mihalaki Georgiev 22.10.2019 Sonya Machorska    An exhibition of this [ ... ]

Blessing for the Sunday School in VidinBlessing for the Sunday School in Vidin

Blessing for the Sunday School in Vidin 06.10.2019 Sonya Machorska    For anothe [ ... ]

Sweet FestSweet Fest

Sweet Fest 05.10.2019 Sonya Machorska    The Bella and Benji Festival - "sweet"  [ ... ]

Ships preserved the summerShips preserved the summer

Ships preserved the summer 03.10.2019 Sonya Machorska    A second joint exhibiti [ ... ]

Bulgarian youth at the 74th UN sessionBulgarian youth at the 74th UN session

Bulgarian youth at the 74th UN session 30.09.2019 Sonya Machorska    Bulgarian Y [ ... ]

The world of banknotesThe world of banknotes

The world of banknotes 28.09.2019 Sonya Machorska    A unique exhibition of bank [ ... ]

The most elite Romanian school arrives in VidinThe most elite Romanian school arrives in Vidin

The most elite Romanian school arrives in Vidin 18.09.2019 Sonya Machorska    Th [ ... ]

From Madrid to VidinFrom Madrid to Vidin

From Madrid to Vidin 13.09.2019 Sonya Machorska    The 94th edition of the Liter [ ... ]

Medieval Festival Medieval Festival "Budin"

Medieval Festival "Budin" 24.08.2019 Sonya Machorska    In the first day of the Medi [ ... ]

International Summer Academy in VidinInternational Summer Academy in Vidin

International Summer Academy in Vidin 12.08.2019 Sonya Machorska    Five student [ ... ]

TID is VidinTID is Vidin

TID is Vidin  12.08.2019 Sonya Machorska This is the motto of the 64th round of the Intern [ ... ]

Bazaar in a 130-year-old parkBazaar in a 130-year-old park

Bazaar in a 130-year-old park 20.07.2019 Sonya Machorska    Hand-crafted article [ ... ]

Lithographs from Lower DanubeLithographs from Lower Danube

  Lithographs from Lower Danube 02.07.2019 Sonya Machorska    The exhibition "L [ ... ]

Danube Day 2019Danube Day 2019

  Danube Day 2019 29.06.2019    Danube Day events encourage people to look beyon [ ... ]

The Designer of the Danube Bridge Vidin-Kalafat with Medal The Designer of the Danube Bridge Vidin-Kalafat wi...

The Designer of the Danube Bridge Vidin-Kalafat with Medal 24.06.2019 Sonya Machorska   [ ... ]


Thursday, 21 November 2019
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