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Beška Bridge

 Autor video: Nenad Pavlović

 Beška Bridge is a concrete highroad bridge on the Danube river near Beška, Serbia. The bridge was built in 1975 and it is the largest bridge on Danube overall – 2205 m. It was bombed twice and partly destroyed during NATO bombardment on 1 April and 21 April 1999, but it was temporarily fixed soon after the bombing was over and reopened on 19 July 1999, as it is an important part of the E75.

   An identical new bridge has been built right next to the existing one between 2008 and 2011, and was opened on October 3, 2011. It was built to allow for a full motorway profile of the E75, having two traffic lanes, hard shoulder lane and two pedestrian lanes.

   The bridge was designed by Branko Žeželj, who also designed Belgrade Fair - Hall 1 and Prokop (Belgrade). The bridge has 43 pilots.

Beska bridge - Copy

2 Beska bridge