Thursday, 21 November 2019

The Finishing Works at Danube Bridge Vidin - Calafat Are Going on, 01.03.2013

   The construction of the drainage system of the bridge, which includes installation of the drainage pipes under the superstructure of the bridge and the construction of a cascade on the Bulgarian side at abutment A2, has been fully completed.  The construction of a settling bowl for the waste water from the transport facility shall be carried out.
   The assembly of the remaining vessel impact protections for the last pier РВ12 is in progress.
   The installation of the bilateral lighting of the bridge and the catenary system for the railway  track is going on, as parallel  with this, in the superstructure  chamber are being installed  the grids for the high voltage and low voltage cables.
    The company FCC CONSTRUCCION executes the preparatory works for the waterproofing of the railway track in particularly adapted conditions.  After applying the waterproofing, a 3-centimeter asphalt layer will be laid and immediately afterwards the filling with a ballast layer will begin, and the installation of the rail-sleeper grid.
    The installation of the handrails and the crash barriers, as well as the construction of the curbs is going on, followed by the asphalt laying of the road lanes, the signaling and etc.

 The consolidation of the Romanian bank with crushed stone is still going on.