Monday, 18 November 2019

For a second consecutive year Open day of Danube bridge Vidin-Calafat, 01.07.2011

     Nearly 70 citizens visited the construction site of the unique cross-border railway installation, the adjoining infrastructure and the production site of FCC Construccion.     
    The Deputy Project Manager of Danube Bridge Vidin-Calafat – eng. Julio Ruiz, presented thoroughly and comprehensively the constructed so far and answered all questions he was asked.
With particular interest was observed the concreting of one of the struts at pier PB11 (in the navigable channel of the river), the transportation of the concrete mixers on the platform and the taking of test samples for establishing the quality of the concrete before the process of concreting.
     The interest of the audience was prompted by the size of both “the visible” 40-m height of the bridge, and the one that is below the water level and which , in fact, is twice as large – up to 80 meters deep.
     The Citizens could see almost the whole 19-kilometer road route and the 7-kilometer railway, passing by most of the road and railway overpasses of the adjoining infrastructure to the bridge. In Free Zone Vidin, where the production site of FCC Construccion is located, were viewed the asphalt plant, the two concrete plants, the reinforcement base sheds, the plant for the pre-cast concrete segments for the bridge and the adjoining infrastructure and the extraction of the stone fractions. The constructed superstructure of the bridge in the non-navigable channel of the Danube was viewed as well as the road slab, constructed at the moment at pier PB 4, the construction works in the navigable channel and the first 50 m of the Romanian bank, as far as the Bulgarian side, by the medium of the company Contractor, works up to this point.
     Part of the questions were related to the future technical maintenance and the operation of the bridge, as well as to the possibility to enable large ships to pass under the bridge even at the highest water levels of the Danube.
     Currently 63% of the bridge construction is completed.