Thursday, 21 November 2019

Parliamentary approval of the changes in the foundations of Danube Bridge Vidin-Calafat, 27.01.2012

     With absolute majority, the National Assembly decided today to support the Minister of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications, undertaken  for the execution of the Contract  for designing–construction  works of the bridge  over the Danube River at Vidin-Calafat and to uphold the claims of the company – Constructor of the project, FCC Construccion. The project will be completed within the term of the financial memorandum by the end of 2012.

   By decision as of 1st of August 2011, the European Commission extended the term of the financial memorandum with two years and enabled the Bulgarian state to complete this strategic site with maximum use of European funds. Likewise, by a reasoned request to the European Investment Bank consent was reached for extension of the term for use of the two financial contracts funding to the end of 2012.

 Thus the problems which arose during the process of execution of the Contract by the Spanish, due to the complexity of the Project and the changes in the national laws in Bulgaria and Romania on their accession to the European Union, combined with the unfavorable engineering-geological conditions at the construction site, have been resolved. For their resolution an admissible alteration in the design for the bridge foundations was adopted, as well as revision of the work schedule, which provided the basis for payment claims for the additional works by the Constructor.

   After analyzing the submitted evidence and evaluating the estimates, part of the claims of the Constructor is recognized as proven in conformity with the contract terms at the end of August last year and the additional costs were approved. According to the Engineer, they amount to € 25 772 802, 30. To pay for these costs an addendum shall be signed for the increased contract price as the funds shall be provided from the reserve in the Financial Memorandum.

  The signing of the Addendum, for which the National Assembly today gave their support, includes all costs for the construction, for the partial revision of the technical and technological design and the corresponding eligible costs for materials, labor, equipment, overheads and services. There are also provisions in it that the Constructor undertakes the unequivocal commitment to complete the construction works before the expiry of the extended term of validity of the Financial Memorandum.