Wednesday, 20 November 2019

24-hour work shifts at Danube Bridge Vidin-Calafat, 4.11.2011

68% of the construction works at Danube Bridge Vidin-Calafat, included in the Contract has already been executed. The production site for the needs of the construction of the bridge, situated on the territory of the Free Zone Vidin Ltd., operates at full capacity. Three hundred and ninety-six segments of the superstructure (of the total of 479) have already been produced, as 320 of them have already been assembled. The assembly of the biggest segments of the construction in the navigable channel of the river is going on. The pile foundation has entirely been completed. The eight piers, the basic superstructure /the deck/ over the non-navigable channel of the river and the abutments on the Bulgarian and Romanian side have been completed, too, as the works of constructing the cantilevers /wings/ of the deck are in progress.  The foundation and the piers of the approach railway road have been completed, in progress is the construction of its superstructure.
The execution of the embankments for the railway and road approaches to the bridge is going on.  In the navigable channel of the river the construction of the full height of three of the four piers with towers has been completed, and at present the works are focused on the construction installation works on the Romanian bank. The struts of the piers are being constructed and the vessel impact protections are being assembled.  The coast fortifying works at the abutment on the Romanian bank are still going on, and formworks for concreting the superstructure between the abutment and the interim prop are being executed.

  72% of the works under the Contract for the Adjoining Infrastructure to the Bridge has been completed.   The construction of all the road and railway overpasses has basically been completed “Koshava”, “Novo selo”, “Kula”, “Bregovo” and at the entrance of Vidin at E 79.  The new buildings of Freight and Passenger’s Stations are constructed and at present the finishing works are being carried out. The rehabilitation of 7,5 km of a railway line is carried out, and the construction of the railway line to the bridge and the respective works of the catenary for its electrification  are being completed. At the moment the construction installation works are focused on the reconstruction of the traction sub-station Vidin, the execution of the telecommunication, signalization systems and safety, and the asphalt works at the overpasses and the approaches