Thursday, 21 November 2019
The Governor of Vidin District had a conversation with the new Manager of the Project Danube bridge 2

The District Governor of Vidin Plamen Stefanov has met today the Chief Manager of the Project “Danube bridge 2 “ – Alberto Vergara, who has recently started acting as the new Manager at the site, of the Spanish company FCC which executes the construction works.
They discussed specific questions and problems, concerning the construction of the bridge Vidin – Calafat and the Adjoining Infrastructure.
“According to the present program for executing the works, the activities at the site shall be finished till August 2011. We hope there will be no more delays which will prevent us from observing the deadline”, stated at the meeting the Chief Manager of “ Danube bridge 2”.
He guaranteed to the Governor that at all the sites of the two projects, the works progress according to the work schedule at a good speed.
“There is no interest in delaying, neither on the Bulgarian part, nor on the part of the Contractor”, commented Plamen Stefanov, emphasizing that loss of speed and time
may cause problems with the financing of the project. The District Governor asked whether there was possibility, at the present progress of the construction work, to engage more people and companies from Vidin region. The Spanish Manager answered that for the Contractor it is more profitable to work with companies from Vidin which can offer more attractive conditions provided they are competitive enough under the conditions of construction with a great scope.
“After the holidays the work on the Romanian bank will be activated too“, specified Alberto Vergara. He explained that the results from the tests of the test piles are ready and at favourable conditions their construction, on the Romanian territory, will start.