Friday, 22 November 2019

FCC has picked up the pillar PB10, 06.04.2011

     The height of pier РВ10 at Danube Bridge Vidin-Calafat – the second of all the four piers in the navigable channel of the river, reached its threshold. The pier is 40, 98 meters high. There are 24 piles in its foundation at a depth from 63 to 78 meters. One thousand and seventy-six tons reinforcement and 6158 m3 concrete were used for their construction. The pile cap, built in the form of a truncated pyramid over the piles, is 6 meters high. Four hundred and fifty-eight tons of reinforcement and 2400 m3 concrete were used for its construction. The pier erected over the pile cap, on which the segments of the superstructure shall be laid in the navigable channel is 13, 79 meters high. Seventy-eight tons reinforcement and 426 m3 concrete have been used for its construction. In the upper part of the pier PB10 there are two pylons erected, each of height 27,18 meters. Sixty-eight tons reinforcement and 335 m3 concrete have been used for them. Nineteen pairs of ship impact protections will be mounted there each of weight from 80 to 120 tons. Four pairs have already been mounted.

      The work in the navigable channel of the Danube is executed with the help of barges which transport all the necessary materials and machines. In this part of the river there are four piers which are at different stages of construction. The span between them is 180 meters. Their height will make the passing of all types of ships possible without the necessity to disassemble the forebridge of the ships. The installation for the assembly of the big segments from the superstructure of the bridge, is being prepared between piers РВ9 and РВ10, The assembly of the vessel impact protections at Pier PB10 is going on, at pier PB11 is executed the part of the pier over the pile cap

In the non-navigable channel of the Danube started the construction of the railway approach between abutment A1 and abutment A2. The construction of the deck of the bridge superstructure is still going on, as well as the prestressing of the last cables of the superstructure of the bridge.

From the Infrastructure the road connections at road junction Novo selo are being constructed. Finishing works are being performed in the buildings of RW Passengers’ and the Freight Stations.