Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Engineers compared the works at Danube Bridge Vidin-Calafat with the European standards, 09.11.2012

   A designers’ interest provoked the participants to come to the specialized training on the new regulations for construction products and the standards in the EU of the constructed bridge between Vidin-Calafat.  The training has been organized by the Bulgarian Institute for Standardization   (BDS), specifically for engineers-designers who shall be acquainted with the European standards for construction materials and products.  
   More than 50 engineers from the regional boards of the Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design from Pleven, Vratsa,  Montana and Vidin visited the constructed trans-border road and railway  cable-stay bridge over the Danube.   The specialists   were able to see “live” the application of standards for the used, in the construction of the bridge, contemporary construction materials.

   “We saw one unique  facility, executed with the help of contemporary materials  and advanced technologies.  We are proud that such a bridge structure is executed in Bulgaria and it is at such a high level” – said Irene Dabizheva, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Institute for Standardization.
   FCC Construccion continues with the completion of the road deck and its preparation for the waterproofing.

   The anchor blocks are being packed, with which the whole process of the cable-stay structure of the bridge in the navigable channel of the Danube is being completed. 

  The construction of the walkway and the assembly of the fascias is going on.

  The execution of the asphalt covering of the approaches to the bridge is going on, as well as the construction of the drainage facilities, the water treatment plant and the communication systems.