Friday, 22 November 2019

ALeksander Tzvetkov : We move onwards-EU won't stop the subsidy

In the interview with the Minister of The Ministry of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Bulgaria Alexandаr Tsvetkov, published in today’s issue of the national daily paper “Trud”, he responds to questions concerning the sanctions of the EU to different Bulgarian projects – airport Sofia, the Projects under ISPA program, the state companies “Port Infrastructure”, in whose assets are included the ports of the Bulgarian section of the Black Sea, and the Bulgarian State Railways (BSR).
Here is this part of the interview which concerns the Project “Danube Bridge Vidin-Calafat”:
-Is it correct that Bulgaria shall not be given extension of time for the projects under ISPA program?
- Since September we have been having a dialog with Brussels. The two significant projects under the program are Danube Bridge 2 and the railway line Plovdiv – Svilengrad. They are delayed a lot. For this reason we have made a new schedule and meetings with the Contractors and the managing units of the projects. I think, we have fixed measures which have already shown some results. The construction works of Danube Bridge 2 and the railway line have been speeded up. We have presented the new schedules in Brussels and I am optimistic that, concerning the railway line, it will be finished in time. There is a daily monitoring at the moment there and we will not allow to lose the chance of assimilating the funds.
- By the end of 2010?
- Yes, and at Danube Bridge 2, even in theory, it is impossible to complete the works. But it is extremely important not only for Bulgaria. It is a European project and I hope that there will be taken a positive decision regarding the ISPA money. Till the summer of 2009, the delay was of about 12-14 months. We have already reduced it to 6 months. I think that at the moment the speed of work there is much better than it was in August. At any rate, the project cannot be completed by the end of 2010. The European commission understands it. I am an optimist that we will not lose the money.
- What is the latest term for the completion of the Bridge?