Friday, 15 November 2019

The bridge “opened its doors”, 11.06.2010

The Open door day of Danube bridge  Vidin-Calafat gathered about 80 people, willing to see  the construction site  and the adjoining infrastructure on the Bulgarian territory.

   The Manager of Project “Danube bridge  Vidin-Calafat” - eng. Alberto Vergara, was listened to with great interest, as well as eng. Nikola Todorov who accompanied  the guests along the whole route and was piled up with numerous questions about different details of the bridge construction.

    Besides the representatives of the national and local media  from Bulgaria and Romania,  the Open day was visited by Mrs. Elka Georgieva, Deputy-district Governor of Vidin District, as well as many  townspeople most of whom  saw the site for the first time and were impressed by the already constructed, by the construction technologies, by the scale of the construction, by the used construction equipment, as well as by the perfect organization of labour safety.

   “Our recent dream is coming into reality”; “It can already be seen that Bulgaria is going to have this bridge”; “ Go on with the construction with the same excellent quality”; “I am waiting impatiently for the day when I will be able to cross the bridge with my own automobile” – these are only some of the thoughts shared among the people who attended the event.