Wednesday, 20 November 2019

The assembly of the vessels impact protections of the bridge at Vidin has been completed, 15.03.2013

   Around each of the four columns in the navigable channel of the Danube are installed 19 pairs of protections against impacts of vessels and heavy objects.  The defenses weigh about 60 tons each.
   All impact protections are casted in the Production Plant of FCC Construccion, situated in the Free Zone Vidin. Thence, using an elephant crane, the elements are loaded on a barge, specially prepared for this purpose and delivered to the pier by water, where they are assembled in pairs and immediately afterwards the tensioning is executed.  The assembly of the impact protections is executed with the help of special crane installations, positioned opposite each other at the pier.
The top, middle and bottom part of the elements will be girdled with concrete diaphragms, which are covered with sleepers. 
   The finishing works at Danube Bridge are progressing.
   The laying of the first and the second layer of waterproofing and the bituminous layer of the superstructure of the bridge and the railway track is going on.
   In the process of completion are the installation of the handrails and the installation of the lighting. The installation of the crash barriers is going on.
   The installation of the railway track of the railway approach to the bridge is going on as at the moment are laid sleepers. Completely installed are the catenary poles along the railway track to and on the bridge.