Friday, 22 November 2019

The low river level does not prevent the construction of Danube bridge Vidin-Calafat, less than 55 m remain to its connecting with the Romanian bank, 15.08.2012

   The construction of the middle diaphragm, which “tightens” the protective elements at pier PB9, has begun (in the navigable channel of the Danube river).

   Around each of the four columns in the navigable channel of the Danube are assembled 19 pairs of vessel impact protections and against heavy objects.  The protective elements weigh about 60 tons each.  The top, middle and bottom part of the elements will be girdled with concrete diaphragms.  The low waters of the river currently facilitate the works on the diaphragms, as these parts are not under the water.
    The installation of the segments of the bridge superstructure at piers PB9, PB10 and PB11 has been completed. Six segments more shall be assembled at PB12 on both sides. They are stored at a site, specially constructed for this purpose, by the Constructor – FCC CONSTRUCCION, so that the low waters of the river shall not impede the construction. As an access to the pier from the Bulgarian side is used the navigable channel of the river, where the water is much deeper and the segments are transported with barges.  A total of 178 segments weighing up to 240 tons will form the body of the bridge in the navigable channel of the Danube.  In the non-navigable channel their number is 300, weighing up to 120, and with smaller dimensions.
     The assembly of the cable stayed structure at piers PB9, PB10, and PB11, has been completed  as 13 pairs are mounted at each one.  The first pair is mounted at PB12.
  The works on the railway approach to the bridge are ongoing,  its superstructure is under construction.  The embankments for the road and the railway approaches to the bridge. 
    The finishing works of the adjoining infrastructure to the bridge on the Bulgarian territory,  are progressing - the completion  of this part of the Project  at the end of July is 96%.