Monday, 18 November 2019

There isnít such a big bridge in Switzerland Ė 16.10.2010

   The seventh international conference of the bridges over the Danube river, which was held from 14 to 16 October in Sofia and Vidin, brought to the construction site of the Danube Bridge Vidin-Calafat about 80 engineers, architects, professors and students from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy – Sofia. The purpose of the conference  is the exchange of knowledge and experience among the designers, engineers, constructors and experts in the field of designing and construction of bridges.

The international conference ”The Danube Bridges” has become a traditional international event in the international community of designers of bridges. Since the first conference in 1992 it has been organized every three years in various Danubian countries.
The first  one was held on a sailing ship from Vienna through Bratislava to Budapest. The second one was held in 1995 in Bucharest , the third – in 1998 in Regensburg, the fourth – in 2001 in Bratislava, the fifth – 2004 in Novi Sad and the sixth – in 2007 in Budapest.

This year’s conference was attended by the author of the Danube Bridge Vidin-Calafat – Antonio Martinez Cutillas.

After examining the construction of the Bridge Vidin-Calafat , eng. Marsel Tschumi, President of the sub-committee for the bridges in Europe, exclaimed: ”In Switzerland, where I am from, there isn’t such a big bridge! I have seen such large facilities only in Japan. I am impressed by the length, height and width, as well as by the technology implementation!”