Thursday, 21 November 2019

The European Investment Bank realized their consecutive monitoring of the Project “Danube Bridge Vidin-Calafat, 18.08.2011

        The third consecutive monitoring of the progress of the Project “Danube Bridge Vidin-Calafat” was carried out today by representatives of the credit institution which have granted a loan of 70 million EUR for the construction of the bridge and the adjoining infrastructure to it.

        Jean-Mark Martin (from the credit department of the EIB) and Joaquin Rodon Blas (from the technical department) held meetings with representatives of the Employer (The Ministry of Transport Information Technologies and Communications), with the Supervision of the construction of the bridge (Ingerop / High-Point Rendel) and with the Contractor (FCC Construccion)

         The representatives of the European Investment Bank visited all sites of the developing cross-border facility.

        ‘We have been observing the Project since its beginning,’ said Jean-Mark Martin. ‘And I hope that next year at the same time, when we come back, we will see the bridge just before its completion. It is our obligation, as a financial institution, to monitor how they acquire the loans granted by us.

        Eng. Alberto Vergara, Project Manager of “Danube Bridge Vidin-Calafat”, eng. Rafael Huerga, Deputy Project Manager, eng. Simeon Evtimov, Head of the Project Implementation Management Unit on the part of the Employer, and eng. Steve Pollard, Resident Chief Supervision Engineer, accompanied the guests.