Thursday, 21 November 2019

A ninety-year old construction worker saw Danube Bridge exactly on his birthday, 19.04.2012

   All his life he worked as a construction worker at regional and national construction sites and he takes pride in pronouncing the names of „Vidachim” – Vidin, the telephone factory in Belogradchik, the holiday house of the journalists in Bankia, the cement plant in Temelkovo, etc.  

   Today he was watching with interest the scale of the construction works for the Bridge and the operation of the crane installations, but he was greatly impressed by the piers in the navigable channel of the river, the piles of which are cast in situ at the depth of 80m. 

  The construction works at the moment are concentrated on the superstructure of the railway approach to the Bridge and the construction of the superstructure of the road and railway installation. The assembly of the vessel impact protections at the piers in the navigable channel of the Danube is still in progress as 47 out of 76 have already been assembled. After mounting another pair of segments, the segment assembly of the Bridge superstructure at Pier PB10, the second out of four, will be finalized.

   The execution of the construction works for the Bridge at the end of March is 73%, and for the adjoining infrastructure – 89%.  942 workers work at the construction sites, including  the personnel of the sub-contractors. 83% of them are Bulgarian and 17% are foreigners.