Friday, 22 November 2019

Ivaylo Kalfin MEP for the third time at the bridge,19.08.2011

   The Chairman of the Budget Committee in the European Parliament and MEP from Bulgaria Ivaylo Kalfin with interest followed the progress of the construction of the biggest Bulgarian Project – “Danube BridgeVidin-Calafat”, financed by the European Union and constructed by the Spanish company FCC Construccion.

   With a special interest, Kalfin listened to the Project Manager – eng. Alberto Vergara, tracing the course of the construction since his previous visit two years ago. From the existing superstructure of the bridge at pier PB9 (in the navigable channel of the river) the MEP observed the process of the construction works – the assembly of the mobile formwork for the construction of the road slab of the bridge, the preparatory works for the execution of the stays and etc.

   The MEP Ivaylo Kalfin visited the major European projects in Bulgaria as a candidate for a President of the Republic of Bulgaria in the upcoming elections this fall.

   Members of the delegation of Ivaylo Kalfin were – Mihail Mikov, Member of the Bulgarian Parliament, Gergo Gergov, candidate Mayor of Vidin and others.