Wednesday, 20 November 2019

“FINANCIAL TIMES” for the first time in Vidin to see the bridge, 19.11.2010

   Two journalists from the 100-year old newspaper arrived  in the north-western district  of Bulgaria, Vidin to see the construction of Danube bridge Vidin-Calafat, and to speak with the Manager of the Project – eng. Alberto Vergara.  

   For more than an hour Kerin Hope and Teodor Troev viewed with interest the Trans-border Highway and Railway Installation, the Production Plant and the Adjoining Infrastructure with unconcealed interest although they have toured almost all over the world.

  Regularly the “FINANCIAL TIMES” has “Special Country Reports”, including Bulgaria – usually every second year, when on pages 2-4 topics of the respective countries are exposed.

   Articles about Bulgaria are published in materials  about the business  in definite regions, for example: South East Europe”

   The topic of Vidin and Danube bridge 2 is connected with the series of articles of “FINANCIAL TIMES” entitled „How are the European funds used”

   At the end of their visit the two prominent journalists wished that „Danube bridge 2 shall place Vidin again on the modern map of Europe!”