Friday, 22 November 2019

Along the Bridge to the European Road System, 22.05.2013

   The official German delegation from Region Ortenau, The Federal Republic of Germany, visited Danube Bridge Vidin-Calafat. The delegation led by the District Governor of Ortenau, Frank Sherer and the District Governor of Vidin eng. Tsvetal Asenov, gained impressions from the constructed piers in the navigable and non-navigable channel of the Danube and the railway approach road and passed along the whole automobile road to the Romanian bank. 
   The importance of the bridge shall not be underestimated – said Mr. Sherer – It thoroughly integrates Bulgaria to the European Road System. It affiliates Vidin as a town and Bulgaria as a state.”
   The three-day visit of the German delegation in our region is in connection with the signed agreement for partnership and cooperation between Vidin region and Ortena .