Monday, 18 November 2019


“Who is to blame that Danube Bridge 2 is not going to be ready at the end of 2010“ This is the question that the Prime Minister, Boiko Borisov, put many times to the Spanish constructors of the bridge from FCC. Together with his Romanian colleague Emil Bok he got acquainted with the work of the second bridge at Vidin – Calafat.
“We are not satisfied“ cut short Borisov. Later on he interrupted the prepared presentation for the construction of Danube bridge 2 with the words: “Leave out these things! We know them. Tell us who is to blame for the delay of the construction of the bridge ?” Alberto Vergara – the Project Manager of the Spanish Company declared that the access of the constructors to the Romanian and Bulgarian territory was very difficult. The Romanian Minister of Transport Radu Berchanu outraged immediately and definitively denied.
“We are not guilty“ held firmly to his version Vergara. “But who”, frowningly asked him Borisov. However, later on he himself pointed out the one to be blamed. Even he did not directly name the guilty persons but it became clear that he refers to BSP (Bulgarian Socialist Party). “I understand your diplomacy but they (the guilty ones for the delay) will not come into power soon, so do not worry. But the damages they caused are very big” declared Borisov.
Earlier that day, in Sofia, he and Bok appealed to EC to salvage the project Danube Bridge 2.
The two Prime Ministers asked Brussels to extend, till the end of 2012, putting the ISPA funds to use for the construction of the bridge.

Ljudmila Stankova, Deyan Yotov