Friday, 15 November 2019

Before the Completion of Danube Bridge Vidin Calafat, 29.05.2012

   The participants in the sixth meeting of the Bulgarian-Romanian Monitoring Subcommittee, held today in Vidin, inspected the progress of the construction of the cross-border road and railway facility.

   The meeting was attended by representatives of the European Commission, the Ministry of Transport Information Technologies and Communication – Sofia, The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure – Bucharest, the Team Leaders for the Supervision of the Project “Danube Bridge Vidin-Calafat” of the Bulgarian and Romanian side and the Managers of the Companies –Contractors. 

    The physical completion of the Adjoining Infrastructure of the Bulgarian side is now ready at over 90% and over 80% - of the bridge. The infrastructure of the Romanian side is completed at 95%.
FCC Manager  eng. Alberto Vergara and the Deputy Manager Julio Ruiz  presented the construction of the railway approach road  to the bridge and the reinforcing of the upper railway spans over the bridge, the completion of the last meters of the bridge deck in the non-navigable channel of the river. In the navigable channel of the Danube the guests watched the assembly of the vessels impact protections (VIP) at pier PB9, the assembly of the crane installation for the vessels impact protections at PB11 and the ongoing construction works at Abutment A3 on the Romanian bank.   

   The guests walked along the Adjoining Infrastructure to the bridge and watched the laying of the wearing (final) course of asphalt at road junction Bregovo.

   The completion of the Project and its effective management are a priority for the European Commission, said Tsvyatko Velikov, an expert from the Directorate General “Regional policy” to the European Commission.  The Project is important  at a regional and international level, as  part of the European Priority Project No 22 and its implementation will contribute  to the realization of part of the railway Trans-European Network /TEN/.