Thursday, 21 November 2019

A new stretch of the adjoining infrastructure to Danube bridge Vidin-Calafat is being covered with asphalt, 31.08.2011

   The covering with asphalt of road junction - Bregovo, type “semi-clover leaf”, was started. The road junction includes part of the direct routes to Calafat –Sofia and Vidin-Bregovo and other road junctions in the direction of Vidin-Calafat, Sofia-Vidin-Kula and others, with total length of over 2000 meters.

   The asphalt covering is applied after the sub-grade and road base/bed/ are executed. For this purpose ;..tons of asphalt will be used, produced in the Asphalt Plant of FCC Construccion, located in the Free Zone Vidin, where all the segments for the construction of the bridge and the adjoining infrastructure are produced.

   This is the third consecutive junction of the Adjoining Infrastructure to Danube Bridge Vidin-Calafat, where the execution of the asphalt covering began. The first 600 m of the road junction at Vidin Entrance have been in operation since the end of last year. Railway overpass Kula is also covered with asphalt. Prepared or in the process of completion of the road bed are the rest of the overpasses or road junctions. The construction of the carriageway is particularly intense since the second half of the month of June, when FCC Construccion was granted the concession for extraction of construction materials for the needs of the Project from the nearby land areas.