Friday, 15 November 2019
11.06.2010 – Open day Come and see Danube bridge 2!
11.06.2010 – Open day
You are welcome to see what FCC Construccion has constructed so far under the project “Danube bridge Vidin-Calafat”!
You are welcome to see one of the most imposing construction sites in Europe and the biggest in Bulgaria!
Pre-registration and registrations until 08.06.2010, tel: 094 601 014 (9-13h)
e-mail:(send) or in the Information Centre of the Project, 6 “Dunavska” Str.( the District Government building – Vidin) - (9-13 h)
Transport provided
Programme for the day:

Departure at 09,30 from the parking place in front of the District Government – Vidin Route:
1. Observation of the construction of the bridge from the protective dyke at pier ??1;
2.Going to the Island by bus, from where the construction activities in the navigable channel of the Danube can be observed.
3. Then again by bus to the production site in the Free Trade Zone, where the concrete elements of the installation – for both, the bridge and the overpasses of the adjoining infrastructure and where the reinforcement for the reinforced concrete structures are being prepared, and the concrete for this construction is produced.
4. Visiting part of the sub-sites from the Adjoining Infrastructure to Danube bridge Vidin-Calafat - Road junction Novo selo, Road junction Bregovo, Freight Station, Railway overpass Kula.
The tour will finish at the parking of the District Government – Vidin.