Sweet Fest


Sonya Machorska

   The Bella and Benji Festival - "sweet" and beautiful. Handmade sweets, syrups, wines, pastries and all kinds of other delicacies, souvenirs and decorations can be tried and seen at the Vladikina Bahcha Park in Vidin.

   The Autumn Fest is the second one organized by the two ambitious and laughing girls - Bella Antova and Isabella (Benji) Vasileva in the city. They returned to their hometown about four months ago after completing their tertiary education and gained experience in larger cities. Bella recounts the beauty of the beautiful park in one place: “When we came to Vidin, we said to ourselves that it was horribly boring here and the events that were going on were pretty much the same. And we decided to try to do something else. In Sofia and other major cities, we have seen this type of bazaars, that is, our idea is not original - we just moved it to our native land. Surprisingly for ourselves, we gathered quite a few participants from Bulgaria and Serbia - very interesting people! And it became what you see!"

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