Big and small dogs at a dog show in Vidin

Sonya Machorska


   The event is organized by the World canine-hunting sports alliance, Bulgarian Republican Kennel Union, Bulgarian Kennel Club for Bulgarian Shepherd Dog Club and Local Shepherd Dogs with the assistance of Vidin. The exhibition is for all breeds of dogs under the motto " For the Cup of the Mayor of Vidin" and includes exhibition of antique weapons from the National Traditia Company - Plovdiv Branch..

   In Dog Show participated clubs from Vidin, Sofia, Montana, Lom, Parvomaytzi, Gorna Oryahovitsa and Vratsa . Most were four-legged breed Bulgarian Shepherd Dog.

   Besides defining the different breeds, the viewers had the pleasure to see the implementation of the winner of the European Cup in the discipline "Frisbee - freestyle" Merishayn (breed Border collie) and Amida (Eastern European breed)with coach Daria Ivantsova and "Listening" to a dog with coach Volodya Vladimirov.

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