Friday, 15 November 2019

Rails connected Danube Bridge 2 with Romania, 10.04.2013

   FCC Construccion  connected  the railway line  Danube bridge Vidin-Calafat with the one in Romania, installing the last  units of the railway.

   The railway line is constructed from km 9+749 to km 13+169.  Due to the difference in the altitude of the Bulgarian and Romanian  banks  where the  bridge crosses the Danube, the  trains will travel along the railway approach road and  will gradually reach the level  of the  main road  at pier PB5 of the bridge in direction Bulgaria – Romania. 

   At the beginning and at the end of the railway line, crossing the river, are installed expansion joints which will align  the change in the length of the rails and the “creeping” of the concrete at one and the same temperature of the air.  The expansion joints are installed at abutment A1 (at the beginning of the railway approach of the Bulgarian bank) and at abutment A3 (at the Romanian bank, where the bridge “steps”). The bearings and the joints of this type of joints allow or restrict the  displacements (linear and/or angular rotations) in certain areas.

   Currently, at the railway track are carried out aluminium-thermite weldings of the rails, necessary for the movements of the high-speed trains.