Monday, 18 November 2019

A New Bridge for Rapport in Between People, 17.09.2012

   The District Governor 2482 of Rotary International started his tour in our country from Danube Bridge Vidin-Calafat, promising to take a piece of the new symbol of Bulgaria to all the 86 clubs.

  Having recently returned from Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Atanas Atanasov compared the second Danube bridge  at Vidin to  “a symbol of the high engineering thought”,  making the comparison that the difference between the  14-kilometer  bridge  seen there is only in its length . However, ours is more beautiful, and continued that the bridge between Vidin-Calafat is a “great opportunity for development in many aspects”.

   Dr. Atanas Atanasov and members of Vidin Rotary Club watched the shuttering of a diaphragm of the Vessels Impact Protections at Pier PB10 and the finishing works of constructing the deck of the bridge.   

   A total of 945 people have been working at the sites of the project “Danube Bridge Vidin – Calafat” till the end of August, including the subcontracting companies. 83% of them are Bulgarians and the rest 17 % - are foreigners.