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Festival of the Bulgarian Round loaf


Sonya Machorska

  Once again, the Bulgarian bread at the festival of the Bulgarian Round loaf in the village of Ovcha Mogila was paid attention. In front of the guests and hosts, grandmother Nesha showed skill in breadmaking in a traditional way known to Bulgarians for centuries.

 The festival is organized by "Consciousness 1899" Chitalishte and the Ovcha mogila mayoralty, the press office of the Municipality of Svishtov announced. Chitalishte chairman and village mayor Neli Velikova welcomed the participants and the guests, wished success to the best among them and read a greeting address on behalf of the representative of the state Dr. Stanislava Stoyanova.

   The exhibits of the Bulgarian Round loaf were evaluated by a competent jury in the composition: Chair - Diana Blazeva and members - Lyubomira Petrova and Vanya Tsvetanova. The 70 bakery products were divided into three categories: "Bread", "Contemporary Breads" and "Other Bakery Products" (including pastries and pastries).

   Third place in the category "Contemporary Breads" won also the chairman of the Municipal Council - Svishtov Dr. Christian Kirilov, who for another year participated with his own product at the festival. The winners' prizes were presented by the chairwoman of the Conscientium 1899 Chitalishte and Mayor of Ovcha Mogila Neli Velikova. Also the youngest and oldest participant were distinguished. All 60 participants received the diplomas for participation in the Regional Festival, and for the festive mood the dancing and singing groups and the orchestra at the Conscientious Community 1899, the village of Ovcha Mogila took care of the festival.


















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Five years Danube Bridge Vidin-Calafat


Sonya Machorska

   On June 14, 2013 the Danube Bridge Vidin Calafat was inaugurated in the presence of: the European Commissioner, senior officials from Bulgaria and Romania, the Bulgarian Patriarch, representatives of the diplomatic corps from both sides of the river, numerous officials, media representatives from all Europe, representatives of the Constructor of the Bridge and the Bridge Supervision, numerous citizens – http://danubebridge2.com/index.php/news/14-newscategory/28-the-long-awaited-day-for-14-06-2013

   Designer of the Bridge is Eng. Antonio Martinez Cutillas, Spain. Constructor - FCC Construcción, Spain. Construction Supervision - French-British Consortium Ingerop / High-Point Rendel. Investor - MTITC of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Management teams: Eng. Alberto Vergara, Eng. Julio Ruiz, Eng. Rafael Huerga;

Eng. Vincent Grange, Eng. Steeve Pollard, Eng. Michael Taylor, Eng. Andrew Taylor;

Eng. Simeon Evtimov, Eng. Hristo Monev.

   On 10.05.2014 year was the start and rail traffic across the bridge -http://danubebridge2.com/index.php/news/14-newscategory/130-startrailtraficen

   During construction, the bridge was visited by over 6500 people. Especially great was the interest in students from various construction specialties, as well as engineers from Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Spain and others.

   The construction of the bridge was subject to visit representatives of the diplomatic missions in Bulgaria of: the Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Belgium, Vietnam, Israel, Austria, UK, Hungary, Republic of Korea , Romania and Serbia

   The media interest in the project "Danube Bridge Vidin-Calafat" is remarkable. And, besides almost all Bulgarian particular, interest exerted German, English, French, Belgian, Dutch, Romanian and American journalists from: "FINANCIAL TIMES", RTZ, "Tipik", "Le Bloguer" - Arte, "Deutsche Welle", ITV Wales, "Discovery Channel", "ARD", "Deutschlandfunk", BBC, "The New York Times" and others. The focus of all published and broadcast reports and films, is the strategic role of the bridge, which connects with South and East Europe.

   Technologically, the bridge structure has been constructed after the method of the cantilever installation, which is done for the fi rst time in Bulgaria, combined with the cable stays.

   Three hundred segments of width 2, 15 m and weight of about 120 tons form the bridge construction in the non-navigable channel of the river and 162 bigger segments of width 4, 18 m and weight of about 250 tons – in the navigable channel of the Danube. All they were produced in the production plant of FCC Construccion, situated in the Free Zone – Vidin.

   The bridge has three parts – one section in the non-navigable channel of the river with 80 m spans, another in the navigable channel of the river with 180 m spans and an approach elevated track with 40 m spans, as their total length is 1791 m.

   Under the superstructure of the bridge in the non-navigable channel of the Danube are constructed eight piers of height from 3 to 20 meters – depending on the terrain and the slant of the bridge itself. Under each of these piers there are 7 piles with diameter 2 m, at a depth of up to 60 meters.

   In the navigable channel of the river there are four piers erected, with height from 39 to 45 m. Under each of them there are 24 cast in-situ piles with diameter 2 m at a depth to 80 meters.

   Some 1200-1300 vehicles per day are crossing the bridge, with the most numerous being from Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Poland, Hungary and others. According to Eng. Lubomir Nizamov, Executive Director of the Company, which runs the Bridge, for 25 years the transgraphic road and rail facility will be paid.

   The company-builder still has its own representatives in Vidin. With the manager of FCC Construcción - Bulgaria Branch, eng. Luis Plaza, I speak a day before the anniversary of the opening ceremony of Danube Bridge Vidin-Calafat:

- Since when are you in Bulgaria and in Vidin?

- I am here in January 2010 to participate in the implementation of the project "Danube Bridge Vidin-Calafat"

- What are your impressions from Bulgaria - from Vidin, from people, from workers?

- Bulgaria liked me a lot. The Bulgarians are very close to the Spaniards, the culture of our two countries is very similar. The state is developing well, both now and in the future. I like this.

- What is the FCC doing at the bridge now?

- Yes, tomorrow five years of the opening of the bridge for the movement of vehicles. It is normal to have various defects that need to be removed because the bridge is under warranty and we undertake repairs.

- After the Bridge and Bulgaria - where?

- I do not know, I do not know ...

Video: Facebook: Sonya Kirilova Machorska

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Festival of the Ancient Heritage "Eagle on the Danube"


Sonya Machorska

   The XIV edition of the Festival of the Ancient Heritage "Eagle on the Danube" in Svishtov began,announced the Press Center of the Municipality. The festival will last until June 10 and includes over 220 restorers from Italy, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria. Among the participants are: the most influential group for ancient historical restorations in Europe - Gruppo Storico Romano from Rome, the attractive Romanian groups for reconstructions Garda Apulum - Legio XIII Gemina, Association "Danais", Historia Renascita. The virtuoso riders from Bagatour and the unique fire show of Ognena, the Phoenix group from Kozloduy and this year will stand next to the hosts - the Soviets' reenacators from the First Italian Legion to present the best of the Bulgarian revival. For the first time, the ancient North Folklore of the Vikings will be presented: Bourdon Cherna (Ukraine).

   The program features well-established events such as the great battle of Romans and barbarians with 200 rehearsal actors, antique dances by Nimfele Dace, virtual horse riding demonstrations, a parade on the streets of Svishtov and novelties. On the stage of Nove, the famous culinary expert chef Leo Bianchi is expected to present Leo's Leisure Cuisine and jury the culinary battle between the participating historical groups, which will end with a mass tasting of the audience. For the first time at the Live Festival - a Roman Wedding Ceremony for a real wedding couple featuring reenactors from several countries.

   Organizers of the event are Municipality, Historical Museum and Tourism Council - Svishtov. During the festival, the mayor of Svishtov will award the traditional Eagle to the Danube Award. The Golden Eagle's Laureate for the Protection of the Cultural and Historical Heritage is one of the most popular Bulgarian historians and archaeologists, Assoc. Nikolay Ovcharov. Winner of the Golden Eagle for popularizing Bulgarian culture is HE. Camilo Dzukolli, Ambassador of the Sovereign Maltese Order in Bulgaria.

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1IMG 7082


300 years old violin of Giuseppe Guarneri in Kazanlak


Sonya Machorska

  For the first time in the history of Bulgarian luttery, Kazanlak hosts an International Contemporary Violin, Violoncello and Guitar Violin Contest, the press center of the Municipality announced. The most elite International Lutheran Contest was opened today and is a fact thanks to the fruitful work of the Mayor of the Municipality Galina Stoyanova, the Association of Lutherans in Bulgaria, the Italian Association of Lutherans and the Honorary Citizen of the City of Roses Endrew Edrev.

   The prestigious string music event of world virtuoso artist Antonio Stradivari has been organized for 80 years within the STRADIVARI festival, mainly in the town of Stradivari, the town of Cremona. It has sometimes been held in other Italian cities, but has never left the borders of Italy.

   This year's contest is attended by luthiers from all over the world. An international jury from three continents (Europe, Asia and America) will determine the winners on June 1 and 2. The chairman is Florian Leonhard (England) and members: Gualtiro Nicolini, President of the National Association of Italian Lutherans, Carlo Vettori, Giorgio Scolari, Roberto Villa (Italy), Vettori, Giorgio Scolari, Roberto Villa, Italy, Icuko Suzuki Greg Alf (USA), Zen Kouan (China) and Endrew Edrev (Bulgaria).

   "It is a great honor for us to meet in Kazanlak. These are the world's biggest names in the professional certification of violins, violins, foreheads and other stringed musical instruments. In Kazanlak, they will listen to the sound and inspect the intricacies and craftsmanship of the instruments sent to the competition by master craftsmen from all over the world", said the Mayor Stoyanova.

   Today, the tremendous 3-century violin - Guarneri del Gesu 1742-Ricci, which dates back to 1734 and was made by the famous Italian master-violinist Giuseppe Guarneri, was specially presented. The 300-year-old musical instrument is owned by a private collector from China. She will stay in Kazanlak for only 24 hours. Antonio Stradivari lived and worked his instruments in the 17th-18th centuries in Cremona, Italy. Graduate of the most prestigious Italian school, Cremona, is also his contemporary Giuseppe Guarneri. Today the violins, crafted by Giuseppe Guarneri's hands, play only the best and world-renowned virtuosos. The works of the Italian are still unattached by time. Residents and guests of the city of roses will be able to see the valuable jewel, a work of art, at the Rose Museum.

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Day of Slavic Alphabet


   Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literature is a Bulgarian holiday, celebrated on May 24. On this day in Bulgaria celebrates Bulgarian Education and Culture and the creation of the Glagolitic alphabet of Cyril and Methodius.

   "Saving work of St. Cyril and Methodius, Bulgaria has earned the gratitude and respect not only of the Slavic peoples, but also of the world. And it will be until mankind moisture content in real words progress, culture and humanity ... "- Prof. Roger Bernard

   Saints Cyril and Methodius were 9th-century Byzantine Greek brothers born in Thessalonica, Macedonia, in the Byzantine Empire. They were the principal Christian missionaries among the Slavic peoples of the Great Moravia and Pannonia, introducing Orthodox Christianity and writing to the hitherto illiterate, pagan Slav migrants into parts of Macedonia and elsewhere in the Balkans. Through their work they influenced the cultural development of all Slavs, for which they received the title "Apostles to the Slavs". They are credited with devising the Glagolitic alphabet, the first alphabet used to transcribe Old Church Slavonic. After their deaths, their pupils continued their missionary work among other Slavs. Both brothers are venerated in the Orthodox Church as saints with the title of "equal-to-apostles". In 1880, Pope Leo XIII introduced their feast into the calendar of the Roman Catholic Church. In 1980, Pope John Paul II declared them co-patron saints of Europe, together with Benedict of Nursia.

   Тhe Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literature is celebrated by all Bulgarian total worldwide. Last year was also celebrated for the first time by the Folklore Club "Zdravets" and Consulate General of the Republic of Bulgaria in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Bulgarian anthem of Saints Cyril and Methodius - "Oh Revived People!": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNpbsT3qvvk

   Today, there are these Slavic peoples:                                                                                                                      

Eastern Slavic peoples : Russians, Ukrainians , Belarusians                                                                              

Western Slavic peoples : Poles, Czechs , Slovaks                                                                                                    

South Slavic nations : Bulgarians, Gorani , Macedonians ( modern ) Croats , Serbs, Montenegrins, Slovenes

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