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Flower carpet in Brussels


Sonya Machorska

   More than 600 000 thousand live flowers were planted today at the central square in Brussels to open the 21st Flower Carpet Festival.

   The festival is traditionally held every two years in August - every even year. The square is covered with a thin net on which the painting and arrangement of each flower is printed. 100 volunteers plant the flowers at a specific location for about four hours. The color event is accompanied by numerous concerts and other cultural events on the square. The carpet is being prepared for several months because it is a real challenge for landscape architects to keep for as long as 5 days fresh as many flowers. A special place is the begonias, which is the flower - a symbol of Belgium.

   The theme and inspiration for the motifs in the carpet this year are from Mexico, Guanajuato. Every year there is the La Octava Noche festival, during which the locals fold the streets with a carpet of painted sawdust. The area is characterized by the rich culture and precious crafts of the many peoples living there.







TID 2018 arrived in Bulgaria


   63th round of the International rowing regatta on the Danube 2018 entered the Bulgarian section of the river. The regatta started on 23 June and will continue until September 6.

   TID (Tour International Danubien) is an annual regatta on the Danube River, which passes through almost all the coastal countries along the river - Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. For nearly two months kayakers pass it around 2513,5 km. The route is divided into stages, each Danube country has one stage. Some participants go the entire distance, others only a few stages as desired and opportunities.

   This year's regatta includes rowers from Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Serbia, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and Bulgaria.

   Germany's 80-year-old Günther Römer is the oldest traveler to cross the Danube for the 20th time.

   The youngest participant in this year's regatta is a 5-year-old girl from Sofia who travels with her parents and her older sister. The family sails with two kayaks.

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7 TID18

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11 TID185














The longest portrait painting on the Danube


Sonya Machorska

   From the Schwarzwald, Germany, to the Black Sea, the longest drawing of the second longest river in Europe begins. Artist Anna Tudor has tried to present us all endangered and protected plant and animal species around and across the Danube. On one-kilometer long linen cloth, unique pictures of the nature of the river flow are sealed!

   The Art of Danube project aims to attract public attention to the protection of biodiversity in the Danube region.

   The project was implemented with the assistance of the Association for Wildlife Protection - Verein zum Schutz wilder Tiere e.V. (Wildlife Conservation Association). AWP is a non-profit association for the protection of species from the Freiburg region of Breizgau, which has supported and organized a number of international species conservation projects in recent years.

   In the portrait painting of the Danube, one can see the threatened species: Hucho hucho, European marsh turtle (Emys orbicularis), European mink (Mustela lutreola), Populus nigra, Huso huso, , Acipenser stellatus, Acipenser gueldenstaedtii, Acipenser nudiventris, Acipenser ruthenus, Lutra lutra, Typha Minima, Platalea leudorordia, Riparia Riapria, , Myricaria germanica, Danubius triturus dobrogicus, Muscardinus avellanarius, Zingel zingel, Vitis Vinifera ssp. Sylvestris, Umbb Umbra krameri, Unio crassus, Stratiotes Aloides, Theodoxus danubialis, and others.

   Franziska and Mario, who mainly work on the project and its presentation, today attended a group painting by children of "sequel" painting, children's - with a lot of imagination, stained fingers and cheeks ... Franziska Lohse tells that the long picture has passed already in eight countries and 14 cities. Vidin is her last "harbor," and then she will go to her author, Anna Tudor, in Belgrade, Serbia, where she is painted.

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Russian students again in Belogradchik


Sonya Machorska

    Russian students from Moscow State University "Mihail Lomonosov" conduct their training practice among the Belogradchik rocks in Bulgaria, the press center of the Municipality of Belogradchik announced. This is happening for the fourteenth consecutive year. This time the school practice is organized by the Department of Geography of Recreation and Tourism at the Faculty of Geography of the Moscow University.

   During their stay, the three academics - Prof. Anna Yurievna, Associate Professor Natalia Nikolaevna, Nikolay Mihailovich and six students held several meetings with the mayor of Boris Nikolov and Deputy Mayor. -money Rosen Mladenov. It was shared that the main purpose of the 16-day training practice was to study the experience of Belogradchik Municipality in the development of tourism.

   The leadership of the Russian students expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the warm and welcoming reception and for the overall organization of the practice. They also visited all ballet and opera performances from the summer opera "Opera of Peaks - Belogradchik Rocks" 2018.

Photos: Press service Belogradchik Municipality

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IMG 0422

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Тhey draped the Danube into critical sections


Sonya Machorska

   Completion of the Danube deepening activities in the region of Vardim and Belene islands are the most critical sections for navigation in the Bulgarian part of the river, said the press center of the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications. The deepening was due to the exceptionally low waters of the river. As a result of the dredging, which lasted 42 days, the depth of the shipping route was increased by more than 100 cm. After the completion of the activities, the measurements reported a fairway depth of 3 meters and a width of 150 meters, which allow the normal movement of the ships.

   Dredging activities are carried out under a contract between the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, EA "Danube Research and Maintenance" and "Cosmos Shiping" AD, which was selected as contractor in February this year after a public order. The signed contract amounts to BGN 6.7 million and guarantees the maintenance of the river levels for a period of 3 years. During this period, the Agency plans to purchase its own multifunctional dredging equipment, which will effectively fulfill its commitments for the maintenance of the fairway in the Bulgarian section of the Danube. The new dredging facilities will be delivered under a project funded by theOperational program “Transport and Infrastructure” 2014-2020, worth approximately BGN 20 million. It is up to several months beforeMinistry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications and executive agency"Exploration and Maintenance of the Danube River" to announce the public procurement for the delivery of the specialized equipment, incl. dredges, trumpets, shadows, pontoons and maneuvers.

Photos: Press Center Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications











Wednesday, 22 August 2018
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