Thursday, 21 November 2019

“Yulangelo” sang for the good luck of the bridge, 17.07.2012

     One of the emblematic Bulgarian vocal groups - “Yulangelo” sang Virgin Mary’s hymn for the good luck of the Danube  Bridge Vidin-Calafat.
   The famous, far away from the Bulgarian territories, tenors and bassos viewed the construction of the Bulgarian- Romanian Bridge, comparing its grandeur with the power of the chants they perform. Comparing the spiritual music of Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia and Corsica, situated at parallel 42 and looking for the roots of the culture of the European Nations.

  Showing great interest in the constructed by the Spanish company – Contractor of the Project – FCC Construccion, the group “dipped” for a moment in the waters of the ancient river and “passed” the Bridge to the other side.

  Julian Perikliev, Andrey Zahariev, Joseph Gerdzhikov,  Plamen Beikov,  Dimitrii Gamburtsev and Petar Petrov  left their message   to the constructors of the bridge “Ex Ponte:  even the  tonality  F - sharp major  could not  shake  the foundations  of the bridge!  The rest are flat keys. Greetings from the bricklayers – psalm-singers! Viri duri et strenui!”

  And they said they would like to sing at the opening of the Danube Bridge Vidin - Calafat.