Thursday, 21 November 2019

Bridge to the Future, 18.07.2011

It is the name the 80 Bulgarian engineers, who got acquainted with the progress of the construction of the grandiose bridge, gave it.

Eng. Mitko Hadzhiev from FCC Construccion presented to the specialist in details the stages of the construction of the trans-border railway installation. Representatives of the regional office of the Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design in Pleven, Vratsa, Russe and Silistra watched with great interest different activities from the bridge construction as the reinforcing of the segments for the superstructure in the navigable channel of the Danube, transport of segments by water, different construction installation works in the navigable channel of the river at piers PB9, PB10, PB 11 and PB 12.

Currently, in the production base of FCC Construccion continues the production of the big segments for the bridge and of the ditches for the adjoining infrastructure. The casting of all the 152 vessel impact protections for the piers of the navigable channel of the Danube River was completed as more than half of them are mounted. The construction of the superstructure of the bridge in the navigable channel is still going on, the construction of the pillars at piers PB10, PB 11 and PB12 and the formation of the earth slopes at abutment A3 (on the Romanian bank).

In relation with the adjoining infrastructure, continues the completion of the railway approach road and the railway overpasses.