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Terms of use for effective 01.12.2019.

This privacy statement describes the website and governs the relationship between Sonia Machorska and each of the site’s users.

Art. 1.

In applying and interpreting these Terms, the terms and expressions used will have the following meaning: is a website on the Internet, owned by Sonia Machorska.

An electronic link is a link marked on a specific website that allows automated referral to another website or site through standardized protocols.

Malicious actions are acts or omissions that violate Internet ethics or harm individuals connected to the Internet or associated networks, sending spam / unsolicited commercial messages, SPAM, JUNK MAIL /, overflowing channels / FLOOD /, accessing resources using foreign rights and passwords, exploiting system deficiencies for their own gain or obtaining information / HACK /, performing activities that may qualify as industrial espionage or sabotage, damaging or disrupting systems or information CRACK / sending Trojans or causing the installation of viruses or remote control systems, disrupting the normal operation of other Internet users and associated networks, performing any actions that may qualify as crime or administrative misconduct.

Information system / system is any single device or set of interconnected or similar devices that, in the execution of a particular program, provides either one of the elements of which provides automatic data processing.

A Website within the meaning of these Terms and Conditions means an integral and separate part of a Website.

IP Address is a unique identifier, associate computer or other device, website or resource of a user, in a way that allows them to be located on the Internet.

Contextual and Behavioral Analysis – Approaches based on automated analysis that do not allow user personalization.

A user is any person who uses the site.

The purpose of contextual and behavioral analysis is to determine linguistic dependencies, in particular – semantic analysis, PLSA, LDA and others, based on non-personalized data and allowing adaptation of the content of displayed to the user; Display relevant search results to prevent spamming; for protection against malware; to show targeted ads, and more.

An accident is an unforeseen circumstance at the time of the conclusion of the contract, which makes the use of objectively impossible.

A server is a device or system of connected devices on which or any of which system software is installed to perform tasks related to storing, processing, receiving or transmitting information.

A Website / Website is a separate place on the Global Internet Network, accessible through its Unified URL (HTTP), HTTPS or other standardized protocol and containing files, programs, text, sound, picture, image or other materials and resources.

Sonya Machorska may store in the log files on her server the user’s IP address as well as any other information necessary to identify the user in the event of a dispute between the parties. The text of these Terms and Conditions is available on the Internet at in such a way as to permit its storage and reproduction.

Art. 2.

These Terms and Conditions do not apply to Services for which there are separate rules.

When making changes to these Terms and Conditions, Sonya Machorska shall make known to the User the changes made by posting them on and / or by posting a message.

Art. 3.

Sonya Machorska has the right (but not the obligation) to install on the computers of the Registered User cookies – small text files that are saved from the website through the Internet server on the user’s hard disk and allow the recovery of information about the user, identifying him and tracking his actions. Cookies installed by Sonia Machorska are used to optimize and ensure the full and quality use of’s functionality, including enhancing security, recognizing users’ preferences, data analytics, displaying personalized content, advertising goods and services of interest to the User, retention of settings, monitoring, use of Contextual and Behavioral Analysis methods, etc. to meet the widest possible range of users ki needs and requirements. Cookies may also be installed by third parties for the purpose of advertising goods and services of interest to the User during his visit to the website. Users can deny the storage and / or access of the cookies they choose by changing the settings of their browsers. Users should be aware that, by limiting the cookies they allow, Sonia Machorska may be deprived of the ability to fully provide all the functionality of the relevant Website she owns. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Users agree that certain types of cookies are mandatory for the proper functioning of the Website concerned and are not able to refuse their storage and / or access to them except by discontinuing use of the Site. Cookies may constitute personal data and will therefore be treated in accordance with the rules for processing personal data.

Sonya Machorska has the right to send messages to the User in order to offer information and advertisements about goods and / or services offered by her or other companies, to inquire about various issues, to conduct inquiries and others. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the user agrees to receive messages from Sonia Machorska.

Sonya Machorska has the right to aggregate anonymized data in order to improve and improve The choice of appropriate technical means for using the information is made by Sonia Machorska, applying good industrial practices to preserve the integrity of the information and to ensure its rapid transmission. Sonya Machorska summarizes this information for third parties in a manner and volume that does not allow third parties to disclose the identity of individual Users and does not endanger their security. Anonymized data cannot be linked to a particular person and thus lead to his or her direct and / or indirect identification. Sonya Machorska acts with the will of a correct Internet service provider and does not provide processed data to third parties when the array of such data is small enough and could allow the disclosure of the digital identity of a User. In the event that Sonya Machorska provides individual data for a Third Party User, this can only be done with the explicit consent of the latter, which must be obtained separately.

Art. 4.

The intellectual property rights of all materials and resources available on the website (including the available databases) are subject to protection under the Copyright and Related Rights Act, owned by Sonia Machorska or the respective assignee. by Sonia Machorska and may not be used in violation of applicable law.

The right of access of the User does not include the right to copy or reproduce information and to use intellectual property objects, unless it is a minor volume of information intended for personal use, provided that the legitimate interests of the authors are not unduly damaged. or other holders of intellectual property rights and in the case of non-commercial copying or reproduction. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the User has no right to remove the trademarks and other intellectual property rights of the materials available to him, whether the holder of the respective rights is Sonia Machorska or a third party.

Art. 5.

Except as expressly agreed, the User may not reproduce, modify, delete, publish, distribute or otherwise disclose information resources published on the website.

Protection of personal data

Art. 1.

“Personal data” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (data subject); identifiable natural person is an identifiable person, directly or indirectly, in particular by an identifier such as a name, identification number, location data, online identifier, or by one or more physical-specific attributes, the physiological, genetic, psychological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that individual;

The administrator is Sonya Machorska

You can contact Sonia Machorska about the processing of personal information using the contact form.

Personal information collected by Ilixx LLC may be disclosed to the following third party categories:

competent public authorities, when requested in accordance with applicable laws and procedures and after making sure that these prerequisites are met;

our contractors in order to provide you with personalized business offers;

Smart Ad Server, using an API that does not require human intervention;

DFP (a Google tool) that lets you deliver personalized adsother metric tools that may be included as program code in advertising messages. For the avoidance of doubt, Sonia Machorska uses your information only if you have given your prior consent.

Sonia Machorska processes the personal data collected in this manner in a lawful and conscientious manner. Sonia Machorska undertakes to take the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect the data against unauthorized access, distribution and other illegal forms of processing. When developing the software, methods and techniques are applied to protect users from common types of attacks such as – XSS / the ability to enter malicious code through JavaScript, / CSRF / user identity theft by duplicating a user session /, click jacking, etc. . Users’ passwords are also encrypted. Communication between the email servers of and the servers of third parties when exchanging email messages is also made via an encrypted TLS channel, insofar as the third party servers support such capability. Sonya Machorska also provides security measures for the servers where your data is stored and controls access to it directly or through its partners.

To the extent that the processing of the collected personal data involves the transmission of the data electronically, Sonia Machorska takes the appropriate special data protection measures.

Sonia Machorska undertakes to comply with current technological developments and to provide a level of protection appropriate to the risks involved in the processing and the nature of the data to be protected.

Art. 2.

Sonia Machorska collects and uses the information for the purposes set out in these Terms and Conditions, as well as to offer new goods and / or services to the User (free or paid), to offer goods and / or services offered by others, for promotions, inquiries, surveys, to adjust the services offered to the User’s preferences, for statistical and other purposes. The purposes described for which the information is used are exhaustively listed. If Sonia Machorska needs to use this personal information for other purposes, then your consent will be requested separately.

Art. 3.

Sonia Machorska undertakes not to disclose any personal information about the User and not to provide the collected information to third parties – government bodies, companies, individuals and others, unless:

has obtained the express consent of the User;

the information is requested by government bodies or officials who, under current law, are empowered to request and collect such information in accordance with statutory procedures; other cases specified by law.

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