Built/Not Built. 50:50

Sonya Machorska

Retrospective author’s exhibition of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arch. Stancho Vekov, dedicated to his 45 years of architectural activity and his 70th anniversary, was opened today in the State Archive – Vidin. Half of the architectural activity of the author is related to Vidin. On this occasion, he donated his personal fund to the Archives in the city.

The exhibition reflects the creative path of the author in architectural panels with his realized objects and unrealized projects in the ratio of 50:50. The exposition was presented by Svetlana Krasteva, Head of the State Archives Department – Vidin and Arch. Galya Antova, Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria, Chairman of the Regional College of Architects in Vidin.

The subject of the exhibition is the professional activity of arch. Stancho Vekov. Century over a period of 45 years (1974-2018), one-third of which is marked by a time of totalitarianism. According to the legendary journalist Petko Bocharov, in these “Two Bulgarias” the author’s creative career is developing. And since the style of an architect is built on both realized and unrealized projects, the exhibition titled “Built / Not Built. 50:50” shows, in addition to built objects, projects whose innovative ideas are realized 25 years later, later than their inception. Technical data on the sites and on the many times transformed state and departmental institutions regulating the architectural activity in Bulgaria are given.

The exhibition, which includes 43 boards, color and black and white print on a solid base, presents photographic and graphic images (plans, models) layouts, hand sketches, 3D visions, with a brief annotation (technical indicators, client/ owner, builder, year etc.) in Bulgarian and English. A wide range of architectural typology of buildings is covered: Individual and group dwellings and complexes; public and industrial warehouses; interior, design and synthesis of arts; restoration, renovation and reconstruction of real cultural values – a constant theme in the creativity of the author and his personal preference.

The exposition also allows to trace the development in the technique and technology of architectural practice: from hand drawing / drawing to modern digital design and presentation tools – Auto CAD, Revit, Photo Shop, Corel Draw and others.

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