86 golden weddings in Kazanlak

Sonya Machorska

A golden toast with a glass of champagne and a kiss with “Bitter!” delivered personally by the Mayor of the city, the Wedding Cake, the first Golden Bridal Dance and the overall Wedding Choir for the second time in their lives, the elderly experienced.

50 years of living together celebrated couples, committed to eternal faithfulness in 1969, according to the Municipality Press Center. The host of the evening, Mayor of Kazanlak Galina Stoyanova, told the “newlyweds”: “For three years now I have seen so many people come to share our common ritual for Golden Weddings! People who have spent their life together in joy, in difficulty, but have shown to everyone younger that happiness is not just about respect and love, but above all, understanding. “

Kazanlak municipality sympathized with the relatives of the 86 Golden Honeymooners with a live broadcast of the official ceremony. The unique emotions of the 172 Golden Hearts of Kazanlak reached hundreds of their children, grandchildren, relatives and friends through the YouTube video channel and the Facebook profile of the Municipality with a tribute to Life, Love and Time.

Photos: Kazanlak Municipality Press Center

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