55-year-old world record

Sonya Machorska

Olympic, world, European and national champions gathered in Vidin in 2014 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first world weightlifting record, realized by Bogomil Petrov. Today, the athlete, an honorary citizen of his hometown, celebrated his 80th anniversary.

On the 17th May 1964 in Sofia, Bogomil raises unresolved until that moment, 140-pound barbell. As a global result is established in October of that year by the International Federation of weightlifting in Tokyo.

Personal greetings were received by: the Mayor of Vidin Municipality, Dr. Tsvetan Tsenkov, from Archimandrit Samuil, from Deputy Governor Luchezar Popivanov, from the President of the Bononia Tourist Association Dr. Milchev, from the former coach of the national team in the national team by Ludmil Kochev, by Antarctica conqueror Bogdan Todorov and others.

A special guest of the celebration was the famous artist Stavri Kalinov, an honorary citizen of Vidin.

In addition to sports, Bogomil Petrov is involved in photography, ecology and tourism. Today he had arranged his 1250th exhibition.

2014: The guests of the anniversary were: Norair Nurikian – shapmion two-time Olympic weightlifting (Munich -1972, Montreal – 1976); Nedelcho Kolev – World and European champion in weightlifting, chairman of the Bulgarian Federation of Weightlifting; Siyka Barbulova (Kelbecheva) – Olympic champion in rowing (Montreal – 1976) and bronze medalist at the Olympics in Moscow – 1980; Milcho Arsazov – national champion in weightlifting (1963) – the man, who discovered the world’s largest Bulgarian-Turkish weightlifter, just seeing the physics of ten-year old boy, who was playing in the yard – Naim Suleymanoglu (Naim Süleymanoğlu ), who won three Olympic titles, became seven times world champion and 46 times and improved world records in weightlifting.

Bulgaria always been one of the leading forces in weightlifting sports – currently second in Europe, and 7-8 times – first in the world.

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