Less bread, more wine

Sonia Machorska

There is still no snow in late January, mid-winter. Temperatures are high for this month of the year. Rarely at night there are minus degrees. It’s like spring. Trees – and they feel it. This made me look at an Eternal Calendar, released in 1990.

The following is written for 2020: “Winter will have strong winds and storms that will bring down trees. Spring and summer will be rainy. The autumn will be warm and sickly. We need to eat less bread this year and drink more wine. There will be a lot of grain, but more cattle pestilence. Wild beasts in the forests will multiply. Damage to vegetables. Clashes between people. One statesman and other great men will die. Many earthquakes. “

The owls that have been wintering in Vidin for several years are still in town. Which, in my opinion, means that winter is not over. Maybe only the trees are “lying” so far …

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