Sonya Machorska

Lonely pines are rare. They are calm and in no hurry to the sun, which allows them to kiss from anywhere, starting from the lips and reaching the toes…

Birds seem to be avoiding them, insecure in the midst of storms and rain …

Lonely pines are a desire that has flown with one single seed, who has ventured into the wind and found her home in a place where everyone and only her can reach…

How much effort it takes to “stay on your feet”! And how much bitterness on the part of the “others” … But the sun and that caressing wind that belong to them all day long, satisfying their whims every minute, cannot be replaced by anything!

Lonely pines … The same, apparently, with the rest, and so different! As presence, as whispers and impulses … An eternal love, lonely with lonely pines.

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